We’re hosting a Club Culture exhibition in collaboration with OurHistory and Logic

We’re happy to announce a one-off exhibition celebrating the history of Club Culture in EC1 on Thursday 25th April. We’ve teamed up with OurHistory and Logic Vapes to profile some of the most vibrant and exciting subcultures of the 20th and 21st centuries, from the 1970s Soviet Hippies movement through to the inception of Berlin techno in the early 90s and ongoing development of the UK’s rich club scene. Curated by Red Gallery founder Ernesto Leal, the exhibition will profile a series of global cultural phenomenons across all three rooms of our space, with archived photographs provided by OurHistory. Our exhibition will feature eight key scenes charting the last 50 years of club culture:

Berlin Techno: Tresor and After the Wall archive
Milan’s Italo Disco: Spaghetti Disco Archive
La Movida Madrileña: Madrid’s Club Culture 1978-1985
Soviet Hippies: 1970s Estonian Psychedelic Underground Culture
French Touch: A Journey through French Electronica
Tokyo Punks: Up! Tokyo Punk & Japanarchy Today
USA Rave Culture: Tree Carr personal archive 1990-1994
UK Club Culture: Creativity, Freedom, Passion, Politics and Subculture

We’ll be looking back on these movements to highlight the cultural significance of the global club scene – a philosophy our own space has run on for the last two decades.

We’ll also be featuring ten prints from up-and-coming designers selected by Ernesto Leal and a team of judges – submissions are open via The Dots now. Advance tickets for the exhibition are available priced at £5 here, with all proceeds going to The Grae Matta Foundation. The Grae Matta Foundation is a non profit organisation dedicated to improving mental health in higher education and the workplace.

Please note the exhibition will run in two sessions – 6pm-8pm, and 8pm-10pm.

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Thursday 25th April

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