Nightmares On Wax's Most Wanted
Remember, You're The Architect

Our Most Wanted series is an opportunity for artists to dig a bit deeper and really think about what is important to them but might be missing from their world. Ahead of his appearance at Marky & Friends in Room One this Friday night, Nightmares On Wax delved into himself and decided that what he'd like most would be for the world to have thought process they truly deserve...

We are all easily consumed by the outside world. But what about the inside world? The world where our thoughts reside. The inside world that only you have access to. Call it the director’s cut of your reality; the uncut version that does or does not fit into what the outside world is telling us.

Now, being aware of this version of yourself can seem chaotic or somewhat bizarre or even noisy when we’re having thoughts that don’t make us feel good. But what I would like to make you aware of here, is that we allow or create the attention to that noise. We are constantly deciding where our attention goes and in turn that attention gives life to what it is we’re thinking about. The fact that without our attention, thoughts positive or negative have no strength, highlights what I call being the architect of your own reality.

Just by being aware of where you put your attention on those inner thoughts, plays a major role in your life. When you are challenged in any way, ask yourself “does what I’m thinking about serve me in a good way?” Or “what is the most peaceful way for me to deal with this?” Recognising that you’re the architect of all situations and making this your routine can make massive changes to your life and those around you. So start carving out a blueprint for the good!

You are the architect of your reality, your attention from moment to moment is designing your reality and interaction with the world. The outside world will only change for the good, if we remember to change our inside world for the good.

A greater, better world is what I mostly want for us all! Let's all be the architect for goodness. It’s what we all deserve!

E.A.S.E // Nightmares On Wax


Friday 29th August

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