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S.P.Y's FABRICLIVE x Back To Basics Mix

There hasn't been a rise to notoriety quite like that of Hospital Records' seminal signee, S.P.Y. After making a huge impact on the drum & bass circuit with his debut album, What The Future Holds, back in 2011, the studio dynamo is once again showcasing his unparalleled production skills with his two part follow up LP, Back To Basics (Part One of which was released earlier this year). Taking a slightly darker direction this time around, the records been split into two parts, a process which according to S.P.Y was the only way to trim back a 70 track strong catalogue of music he had earmarked for it. .

So, with a only a couple months before he releases the second chapter, we grabbed an exclusive new mix and caught up with the Brazilian producer to chat about the project as a whole and the forthcoming record and what to expect come August 1st when he’ll touch down in Room One alongside London Elektricity, Source Direct and Lenzman for the album launch...

Download: S.P.Y - FABRICLIVE x Back To Basics Mix

Hi Carlos, how are you?
Good thanks man, enjoying living in Bristol, it's beautiful here.

How has everything been going with Back to Basics?
It's been going really well, the album had a much better reception than I was expecting.

How does the album differ from What The Future Holds? It seems to have taken quite a darker route, was that a conscious decision or did that happen naturally?
It was a mix of both, I've always wanted to do an album focusing on my roots and when I started writing, the majority of the tracks had that darker sound.

So chapter two is released later this year right? What can we expect from that?
Chapter Two should be coming out around September this year. It's a continuation of Chapter One, so it will still have a really underground feel and follow on with the same vibe.

Why did you decide to release the album as two parts?
Basically it was because of the amount of music I had written for the album. I wrote over 70 tracks and it was really difficult trying to reduce this, so I decided to choose my favourite tracks and release them over the course of the year.

It’s been almost three years since you first signed to Hospital Records. How do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist since working with them?
I've improved a lot since I signed to Hospital, I've been exposed to new techniques and learnt new skills in how I produce and DJ. I've also had the opportunity to play at some amazing parties around the world and this has given me confidence in myself as a producer and in my sound.

Aside from your album, what else do you have in store?
When I'm not working on the album I've been doing a lot of remixes for other labels. I'm also working on a couple of projects in other genres and doing some other exciting collaborations.

What can we expect from your album launch next month?
Everyone on the line-up are personal favourites of mine that have influenced my sound over the years. It's going to be a showcase of artists from across the years of drum and bass that have really inspired me. I will be doing a two hour set and will be playing a mix of old school and new tracks, Dianne will be singing live too which will be great.

You’ve just delivered a mix for us, can you talk us through it?
I had so much fun putting together this mix, it's a no holds barred look at some of my favourite tracks, old and new. This is a taste of what I will be playing in my set at Fabric next month.


Friday 1st August

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