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Introducing Colors and their fabric Promo Mix

Even though the crew who make up party starters, Colors, are French and Hungarian in blood, they're really part of what happens in London as much as anywhere else. Springing up at various spots around Hackney's outer reaches, the crew have built their vibe up from a solid group of party loving friends creating an intimacy and full on fun experience that sometimes can be hard to find in the large expanse of city such as our own. In fact, that’s one of the factors we're most looking forward to them bringing to Room Three this Saturday when their followers will meet ours with the musical backing of residents Stephane Ghenacia (who has recorded this upstanding promo mix to demonstrate his flavour), Guilhem Monin and guests Illija Rudman and Remi Mazet (who will be playing live). To get a better picture of who and what exactly Colors are all about, we got Ghenacia, Monin and their décor artist extraordinaire Adreinn on the line to provide their full story...

Download: Stephane Ghenacia fabric x Colors Promo Mix

So, who makes up the core Colors crew and how did you all come together?
Stephane: We call the crew the 3 of us (Adrienn, Guilhem and myself)...I moved from Paris to London back in 2010 (at this point I was a photographer), that summer I met Adrienn and she introduced me to Guilhem while he was visiting her in Ibiza. And when I arrived to the city that autumn after Guilhem’s first gig at fabric we played together in an after party, that is when all the magic happened and straight after that we decided to make music together and the rest of the friendship build from there. Music and fun were the major links between the three of us!

Guilhem: The founders of the project are the 3 of us...It all started with friendship. It's a combination of friends who shares the same passions; music, creativity and fun...

Adrienn: The crew is the 3 of us and all the friends who have joined our journey so far...with Guilhem we have been friends for years, I remember we used to come to fabric on Sunday mornings and just dance till we dropped. And years later when Stephane moved to Hackney Wick we used to gather at his former warehouse for house parties, they were just so much fun and this really brought us together, I think it's all started there...

With so many quality labels already out there what do you think makes Colors stand out?
Stephane: I really believe in it. And I am also big fan of the music of my friends, I play a lot of their tunes. And because our music is quite close to each others, we share similar tastes so it's kind of natural to join together in the same place like a record label, whether it’s going to stand out or not is the question of the future.

Adrienn: I believe in the guys and that to make something successful you have to believe in it so passionately that it becomes reality. And not only the music what the boys are doing right but their personalities and way of thinking also what will make the label stand out to be successful.

Guilhem: What else can I say!?

"I believe in the guys and that to make something successful you have to believe in it so passionately that it becomes reality" - Adrienne

Can you tell us a bit about the name?
Stephane: It was Guilhem's idea, he always wanted to organise a party to create unity and call it Colors, which make sense if you know the crowd of friends we have..

Guilhem: At this time our crew was really colourful, couldn't find a better word to name it, the theme idea and the rest came along...

Adrienn: They said it all! We are a colourful bunch.

You launched your party series this year across east London and beyond – what goes into making the party special?
Colors Crew: It's a mix of different things; loads of attention to detail, the effort you put in what makes people feel that you care about them....It is also special because it goes beyond the generic concept of a big party. We went in the opposite direction in terms of promotion, concept and building a crowd from zero...We build this party for the friends first of all, who brought their friends along, the whole thing just spread by word of mouth and this has created a really special crowd who creates a really incredible vibe and added some colours/

I noticed big efforts have been made with the décor…
Adrienn : Ah really? (BIG SMILE : )

Stephane and Guilhem: Yes it's very true, Adrienn does some big effort, even though decoration has always been part of the concept. It is always such a pleasure and a surprise to walk into a venue on that particular Friday night and discover a completely new world, each time different from the previous Colors night and she always manage to amaze us!

What is the pool of artists like you are drawing from for the releases themselves?
Colors Crew: We draw the artists primarily from our Colors residents and regulars; Remi Mazet, Jonny Rock, Thomas Roland, Mikolai, Valmont and other guest artists that have been invited to play at the night, just a few to mention like; Ivan Smagghe, Ekkohaus, Craig Richards, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Navid Izadi, Nick Monaco, Ilija Rudman, Boo Williams & Move D....We are very open musically, from disco to techno, as you could observe we have invited artists from a very wide range of pool and sound. But when the music is good is good!

What do you look for in a record that makes it feel like it fits into the label?
Guilhem: Quality...originality with SOUL! And I do like analog sound and authenticity!

Stephane: After all the minimum technical quality needed for a good track... I am looking for magic but it is difficult to explain...

Adrienn: I agree with Steph. It's difficult to explain, it has to have something that moves your heart forward that has authenticity and touches your soul. My filter is the way how a tune makes me feel really. It's very personal, I think.

What’s coming up next on the release schedule?
Colors Crew: Next release will be Guilhem Monin's with a remix from Boo Williams! Watch that space!

And finally with only a few days away can you hit at what we can expect from the party in RM3 on Saturday?
Colors Crew: Dots all the way!

Guilhem: Yes dots and love all the way, the rest I guess you’ll have to come and check yourself to tell
I went down the fabric stairs for the 1st time 9 years ago, probably 1 week after I moved to london, that was a real clubbing experience after that everything else was meaningless since then I can’t even count the number of amazing night and quality music I've heard, it’s a unique place, a music institute so it’s a big honour for us to take over room 3 this Saturday. And it's the first time Remi Mazet is playing Live at fabric, so I am really looking forward to listen to his debut and Stephane Ghenacia and Ilija rudman!!

Stephane: Same as all the Colors nights; share great music and of course have an intimate and friendly vibe! Oh and really hope to see you there!

Adrienn: Load's of dots and great music all the way! Fabric is a special place for us, the very first time I have visited the club was back in 2006 on a Friday night, after 8 years actually I am back with my crew and bringing our concept over. Not to mention the fact that I got to decorate Room 3! So as you can imagine there is a lot of excitement in the air! I am also really look forward to listening to Ilija Rudman again, he is one of my old time favourite and of course Remi's debut and the boys....This will be something really special for all of us! Please come and say hello!


Saturday 4th October

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