Hear an excerpt from Efdemin’s new Naïf mix

It’s always a real treat to hear fresh material from Efdemin, and his latest project looks set to be his most ambitious so far. The techno artist is currently prepping for the release of his Naïf mix, a blend between album and DJ mix that’s soon to drop on Curle Recordings.

Comprised of 29 unreleased tracks, Naïf features new material from the likes of Margaret Dygas and Steve Bicknell, as well as 10 new cuts from Efdemin. Efdemin and Dygas will both be joining us on the same bill in just over a week, so he sent over an excerpt of the mix featuring tracks from both of the producers. Richly textured with chugging drums and trippy vocal clips, it covers the same kind of immersive techno both artists are likely to bring to Farringdon on 17th March.

Stream: Premiere: Naïf – Efdemin (excerpt) [Curle]

Tracks featuring:

Laveline – Efdemin / Konrad Sprenger
Fony – Margaret Dygas
Not Now, Not Yet – Rhyw
Neuromantic – Gunnar Haslam
1Q84 – Savas Pascalidis

Naïf will be released on 13th April 2018.

Saturday 17th March

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