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Maayan Nidam’s music has found fans in high places since her first release under her Miss Fitz guise, ‘Drifting On’ was released on Jay Haze’s Contexterrior imprint. The Israel born Berlin resident he’s put records out on numerous labels – including Perlon, Freak’n’Chic and Wolf + Lamb - under numerous names – including Miss Fitz and Laverne Radix – and she’s hitting Room One this Saturday alongside Craig Richards, Seth Troxler and Nicolas Jaar. Ahead of her slot she put together a podcast exclusive for the Hybrid Life website; so to bring it to you we packaged it up alongside a neat little interview...

Download: Hybrid Life Podcast 005 - Maayan Nidam

You released your debut album last year that features a number of Cuban instrumentalists; you seemed to have travelled a lot, would you say different cultures have influenced your work?
Definitely! I pick up ideas from everywhere. The more I travel the more I notice the similarities between different cultures but also the different expressions they take. This doesn't show directly in my sound, (I wont add a Japanese gong after visiting Tokyo) but it stirs the ideas I have, so for example you could recognise it in my mix of different genres or in the subtleties of movement and buildup.

In a relatively short space of time you've amassed an impressive portfolio, with releases on Perlon, Freak n Chic and Wolf + Lamb. It must be reassuring to gain such support early on in your career?
I don't think working in the studio for over a decade would count so short of time. However, my first releases grabbed the attention of some big heads in the scene and some artists; and for them I hold much appreciation. That gave me a lot of confidence to do my own thing instead of following the charts.

How did the moniker Laverne Radix come about? How does Laverne differ from your other aliases?
Laverne was born in Detroit a few years back at the Tesh by the infamous Lee Curtis (although Seth claims credit for it as well). Laverne is simple. The tracks she makes don't take her much of anything. She gets in the studio, breaks out a kick and a snare adds some magic and boom, you got a lil' something something.

Under my own name there's independence in the music, it's more personal, not really bound to any patterns.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one knows?
I'm a big fan of the old scienterrific series, Cosmos. I think Carl Sagan is the coolest thing to have walked this Earth (and that fake Mars). I’m also in love with David Attenborough's voice. Love going to sleep with him narrating a Planet Earth DVD in the background.

Your latest EP on Wolf and Lamb is 'Greatest Tits' - did you have anyone particularly in mind?!
‘Greatest Tits’ is a pun on greatest hits (which was the original name of the EP) and those who don't live under a rock would know that 'tits' is also slang for something lovely.

To get a bigger picture about you, which three records best describe you?
I change with the seasons so I can tell you that right now I'm feeling like heavy beats & freaky pads...

Boo Williams - Eternal Mind

Goldwill – Blush

Delano Smith – Overseas

Audio available here: ssgmx19: santiago salazar

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