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After a lifelong love affair with electronic music, and successful beat explorations with Marco Delle Donne (as Delle & Heinrich), Frank Heinrich's wondrous Reboot project was birthed in 2005. A name that's since cropped up on label rosters as diverse as Below, Cadenza and Cocoon, his expertly crafted beats give way to a live show that teases and builds with intensity...a joyride into the cerebral and visceral. Our obsession began with Reboot's contribution to Luciano's fabric 41 (his darkly-tinged 'Be Tougher' release on Cadenza), and the speaker-freaker has yet to disappoint. In fact, to prove the point, here's a little exclusive for you and your headphones, previously unreleased and equipped with the hypnotic and rhythmic elegance you've come to expect with Reboot.

Reboot – Banging Ear Drums
Reboot - Banging Ear Drums by fabric

But before his DJ set this Saturday, we got to wondering what exactly he uses to create productions that bang ear drums with such perfection. Get ready to geek out as Reboot talks us through 5 different bits of equipment he uses in the studio and in his live show.



One of my favourite drumsound processors. Fully analog and with a super warm sound. The clap sounds amazing and produces little phasings on every step. Very Reboot!


If you are looking for a monster bass drum, there is not many bigger tools than the Machinedrum. It's 12-bit audio engine delivers anything from smooth to punchy with a very special colour. Also perfect for percussive sounds. I use it in almost every production.


So far my most loved synthesizer. The variety of sounds you can get out is huge. Deep basslines, lead pianos or twisted effect sounds. There aren't many sounds you can't get out this little beast.


This piece was worth every single cent. I hooked it up to my synthies and play a lot of my melodies on this drum kit. The results are totally off the normal lines you would play on a keyboard. Also, I play most of my percussions on it and record them from there. It gives this little live-touch to a song. I just love it!


Used on every live performance I recently had. In this price category, definitely one of the best audio interfaces on the market. The AD changers are really worth the money. Compare it to any cheap interface - you won't believe your ears. And besides that, it has a perfect travel-size. Must have for live acts!

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