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Idjut Boys

Boasting a record collection that must be immoveable by now, as well as a gig diary that reads a veritable where’s-where of music venues around the globe, the Idjut Boys from East London have long been established as the original disco dons. Their signature dubby disco productions are worth their weight in gold, whilst the four quirky imprints they have nurtured (U-Star, Noid, Discfunction & Cottage) are cherished by heads around the disco circuit.

We gave the duo a chance to offer their worldly wise views on what artists always keep their heads ticking and toes tapping…

(and make sure you read after the jump for a special BBE competition!)

Maurice has been making great and records for years in his own, unique style.  Consistently good, genre bending, music, and with reference to the production styles of the past disco masters.

Another, more friendly, invasion! Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Pal Strangefruit, Bjorn Torske, Terje, and Rune, who we just made a horizontal disco record  'Meanderthals' with...the Norweigans have made some great records in recent times; it would be impossible to not have danced to the tune of the Vikings in the last few years.  Some great producers and DJs who have a really good way of supporting each other’s work.

Psychadelic disco peoples, as Japanese friends say. Big up Senior Bullock and Mr Eric Duncan. Proprietors of the entirely good groove. These two sensible gentleman are great producers and have delivered some of the best remixes of recent times, as well as being able to disc jockey the lederhosen off most mere mortals, keeping a party atmosfear with serious music.

And let’s find out what treasures they keep tucked up in their record boxes…

Records we like this afternoon…
LES AEOROPLANES 'Impersonal Navigant' EP
6 SCALLYMATIC ORCHESTRA - 'All I Can Give (Moto remix)’
TUSSLE ‘Night of the Hunter (Prins Thomas remix)’

Current Records for us…
-    Droid '5 & 6'
-    Meanderthals 'Desire Lines' - Smalltown Supersound
-    Mendes and Alcada – Coaster (Idjut Boys remix) - Claremont 56
-    The Idjut Boys - Night Dubbing - Barely Breaking Even
-    The Idjut Boys - Death Before Distemper: 'A Fist Full of Ferrets' - DC Recordings
-    Lindstrom - 'Cant Stop' - Smalltown Supersound

**COMPETITION**: The Idjut’s new BBE projec, ‘Night Dubbin,’ is a dazzling little gem - get your hands on a copy by emailing 'Dub Me Disco' to

Come see the Idjuts join fellow beard-clad disco dons Rub N Tug in Room Three this Saturday.

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