Liz Edwards - a pivotal force behind the house music community

The news that Liz Edwards passed away reached us on Sunday morning just after we had closed the doors for the night in Farringdon. Edwards was loved by many in our community and respected for dedicating her life to music. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her friends, family and the many people whose lives she touched and who are feeling the loss of this remarkable individual this week.

The mid 90s saw Edwards establish her place at Swag Records going from working behind the counter to becoming a director of the Croydon record shop which was the centre of the universe for the house music world in London throughout the time it operated. Swag was at the very roots of our resident DJ Terry Francis’ own path - he spent 9 years working there alongside the late DJ.

Her night Kerfuffle (founded alongside partner Martyn Rochester) was established out of a pub in Stockwell in 1997, going onto venues around London (including fabric) and the country,  and last year celebrated 20 years. The party was glued together by a community lovingly built with sounds from respected selectors - this level of community nurturing is something Edwards has repeatedly been credited for having a special touch on. She created a truly special atmosphere at Kerfuffle through the decades. It ran up to the present day with the last event held at The Pickle Factory in April.

More recently the hugely knowledgeable vinyl aficionado ran Ed’s Vinyl an appointment only record shop while also hosting a regular radio show on Brighton station 1BTN. Not to forget that Edwards was a respected DJ in her own right. She played internationally and for us here in EC1 both as part of Kerfuffle nights and as part of fabric line ups showcasing her masterful and deft take on tech and deep house.

A pivotal force for the underground community, Edwards was also a cherished friend of fabric so we wanted to pay our respects to the work and commitment she gave to London’s musical world.

Keith Reilly - fabric Founder

“Liz will be missed terribly by everyone who knew her. Her passion for the music we share was a mirror of her kind and joyous spirit. When I received my regular box of records that Swag made up for me, I could always tell when Liz had put it together. She would always put a few extra goodies in it for me. Then I would get a call “did you listen to that one”.

“Thank you for all your kindness and friendship Liz, and all those wonderful pieces of music you brought into my life. They will bear fond memories of you forever.  Keith.”

Judy Griffith - fabric Promotions Manager

“Liz was a huge inspiration to me, like me a lifelong vinyl junkie, a promoter with her Kerfuffle nights some of which we hosted here at fabric, a record shop owner of Swag records where numerous djs including our own Terry Francis, cut their tech house teeth through her extensive buying skills and huge knowledge of electronic music. And this all at a time when it was rare to even see a woman in an independent record store buying vinyl let alone owning one.

“She was also an incredible dj of the finest deep/tech house and lately ran a shop selling new and 2nd hand vinyl, by Liz appointment only.

“The list goes on as to her achievements during her 30 year contribution to our beloved scene and we all benefited from her vision. She was a wonderful mentor and encompassed all that I aspired to be. She was beautiful, strong, independent - a fierce lady amongst men, leading the charge, without making a big deal of it.

“Liz we will miss your passion, your wicked and dry sense of humour, your dedication to the scene and mostly we will miss your face on the dancefloors.

“This is a huge loss to the world and for clubland.

“RIP - rave in peace dear friend.”

Terry Francis - fabric Resident

“I will miss this special girl. From my days at Swag (9 years) to her last moments she has been a big part of mine and untold others lives. Her energy and passion for music and the quality of bringing people together to listen to music is incomparable. Not just a massive part of the scene I and others have grown up with but a unique fantastic strong woman, a warrior with dignity until the end. I will miss her. We shared giggles and tears, laughter and danced together.”

Photo Credit: Ed’s Vinyl Facebook Page

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