R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Last night I went to see U-N-I (to the verse), a stupidly fresh duo from Cali...a few songs into their set at YoYo, the mohawked half of the pair (Y-O, aka Yonas Semere Michael) got egged on by his partner Thurz to have a dance off. Their DJ dropped the iconic bassline of 'Beat It,' and the crowd went buck as Y-O moonwalked and busted MJ-inspired moves across the stage. Fifteen minutes later, just as the show was poppin off, my phone buzzed with a text that told the untimely news - Michael Jackson had passed. Everyone around me began receiving similar texts and the crowd started wigging. Someone yelled out the news for U-N-I to hear, the record got pulled back, and the music stopped instantly. The atmosphere of the club was thick...it's hard to put into words without cheap clichés rolling out,  but it was immense to feel an entire room hovering with the shock and sadness of the news. A star in the truest sense of the word, a visionary, a beautifully creative mind whose impact and influence was literally infinite. His life and death affected the world on an immeasurable level.

No doubt all of you will be playing Michael's albums as a tribute today (we're currently jamming through 'Dangerous' - a criminally underrated gem in my opinion - and 'Off The Wall' is lined up next, 'natch), youtube will be running slow as molasses with an overload of MJ searches and every blogger will be scribbling inane posts about his/her personal experiences with Michael (ahem)...but all the same, we couldn't just sit back and not give you a video. Michael Jackson, we salute you.


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