Our final Transparency Statement and the end of our campaign

When we launched the #saveourculture campaign in September 2016, it’s fair to say we weren’t quite prepared for the response it would receive. Across the 3-month period of our campaign we received a total of 7,366 donations, from regular visitors to people abroad who’d never even visited the club before. Each of these people got behind us, joined our fight to reopen, and stood up to save our culture.

One year later, we’ve reached a point where we’re more ready than ever to carry on doing what we’re used to: presenting the best in underground music and high-quality sound in our space. So it felt like now, on the weekend of our 18th birthday, it was the right time to look back and draw a conclusion to things.

Donor Board

We never could have thanked each of our 7,366 donors enough for their support and generosity, but we did make a promise to all of them. Donors were asked to leave their name with us when they made their donation – in return this would be added to a commemorative donor board inside the club.

We’re happy to be able to to finally unveil our #yousavedfabric donor board ahead of this weekend’s birthday celebrations.

The donor board is now permanently located on the top floor of the club before the staircase. Every donor will also receive an electronic copy via email.

Art sculpture installation

Following our temporary closure last year, we also received some unique metal wall sculptures as a gift from an artist who wanted to support us. Sourced from a range of metal spills in a traditional foundry in England, this striking 18-piece metal art installation was created to represent and celebrate the last 18 years of our life. Accompanying this we were also given an additional 9-stone piece as a gift for our 18th birthday.

When we were told this was being made for us at the beginning of the year, we decided we wanted this 18-piece sculpture to also resemble and show gratitude to our supporters and donors who helped us reach this point alongside the donor board.

Earlier this week we installed these sculptures inside the club. The standalone 9-stone piece is now located on the Mezzanine level above Room One, while the 18-piece sculpture can be found on the entrance to Room Three – head up the stairs to admire our new piece.

We would like to send our thanks to John Bate for the phenomenal level of hard work, attention-to-detail and generosity that went into these pieces – the rest of his work can also be viewed via his website.

Financial Statement as at 12pm Friday 20th September

Outgoings In Past 10 months
Legal and Professional: £41,377.60

Total Costs: £41,377.60
Total Pledged: £333,618.00

Less Grand Total Costs
(T2-T7 inc £265,104.60): £68,216.40

At Bank
Bank: £68,216.40
Paysafe: £0
PayPal: £0
Total at Bank: £68,216.40

Remaining funds

After much discussion and thought we have decided to close the administration of Save fabric London Limited. We will leave a nominal amount of £500 to close the company and bank accounts, leaving an excess fund of £67,716.40 and having consulted the wider team we have decided to disburse 80% of this fund to a number of charities and trade bodies whom we felt aligned with the initial cause of our campaign. Each of these will receive a cheque for £13,543.28.

The Loop – The Loop is a non-profit social enterprise founded by Professor Fiona Measham and Wilf Gregory that provides welfare, drug safety testing and harm reduction services on drugs, alcohol and sexual health. Professor Measham has previously brought The Loop to offer advice within the club, and also strongly supported us throughout our campaign. They recently launched a nationwide awareness campaign in partnership with VICE, while their ground-breaking harm reduction work has helped make UK festivals and nightclubs safer.

NTIA – The Night Time Industries Association represents and acts as the voice for the UK’s fifth biggest industry. Their work involves lobbying UK leaders into demonstrating the importance and success of the UK’s Night Time Industry. They were also a hugely influential voice throughout our closure last year.

Music Venue Trust – The Music Venue Trust is a UK charity dedicated to protecting and supporting Grassroots UK music venues. Like us, they strongly believe in supporting and nurturing artists from the beginning of their careers, and attest that music venues play an important role in this. Throughout our closure last year they were an invaluable source of support and assistance for us.

Centrepoint – Centrepoint is a charity that provides housing to homeless young people across the UK. Since founding in 1969, they’ve helped over 125,000 vulnerable young people get back onto their feet by providing them accommodation and a fresh chance in life.

We have decided we will disburse the remaining 20% of the funds to a number of other very worthy charities. Each of these will receive a cheque for £3,385.82.

Midi Music Company – The Midi Music Company is a charity based in Deptford offering affordable after school instrumental classes, music courses, creative industries careers advice, artist development and events for and with children and young people. Check their Deaf Rave we’ve previously hosted in the club via YouTube.

Make-A-Wish UK – Make-A-Wish UK is a children’s charity dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of terminally-ill children. Their personal experiences help to bring happiness to children fighting life-threatening conditions.

Nordoff Robbins – Nordoff Robbins uses therapy through the power of music to improve lives. Their work primarily helps both vulnerable and isolated people from different walks of life overcome problems through sound.

YUAF – The Young Urban Arts Foundation organises music and art workshops with vulnerable young people, with the aim of improving their skills and confidence. Much of their work helps young people from deprived backgrounds.

In concluding this campaign I know I speak for every member of the Team who call fabric their home and place of work in saying Thank You so very, very much for all your support and efforts. We’re excited about putting the past behind us and moving forward.

Really hope to see you all soon.

Gary Kilbey
fabric Managing Director

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