Transparency Statement 2

4th October 13:00

As promised, this is our second transparency statement to explain where we stand financially with the campaign. At 5pm Friday 30th September exactly two weeks since the launch, our donation fund reached an incredible £253,141.01.

Again words cannot express how humbled we all are at the overwhelming support.

During these two weeks we have been busy working on our twin objectives, the appeal against the revocation of the licence and the need to change the Guidance under the Licensing Act.

We have engaged a legal team headed by industry heavyweight Philip Kolvin QC and assisted by leading licensing solicitors Woods Whur. Both have agreed to represent us on these cases at a significantly discounted rate.

We have had the very generous offer of pro-bono legal support from barrister Patrick Hennessey. Our sincere thanks to him for this kind gesture.

The Appeal

Yesterday at 4pm we were pleased to receive a confirmed date for the appeal to be heard. It will commence Monday 28th November at Highbury Magistrates Court.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping to obtain this expedited date.

We have begun to prepare our case.

Licensing Law Guidance Change

Philip has just finished the 1st draft of our request for the need to change the Home Secretaries Guidance under the Licensing Act.

We have put this to a number of trade and music industry organisations and associations to seek their opinion, advice and support. We want to ensure this is something the industry as whole are able to get behind.
Once we have finessed the approach and Philip has finalised the draft we will look to present this to the relevant authority.

All donation income and expenditure is listed below and we will continue publishing this every two weeks.

Once again thank you for the incredible support.

Gary Kilbey
Managing Director

Financial Statement as at 5pm Friday 30th September

Legal and Professional £30,562.80
IT (site development & support) £2,000.00
T-shirt purchase and printing £5,551.20
T-shirt fulfillment, packaging & postage £5,830.10
Charges £4,070.36
Total Costs £48,014.46

Total Pledged £253,141.01
Less Costs £205,126.55

At Bank
Bank £85,524.71
Paysafe £87,501.00
PayPal £10,006.00
Stripe £22,094.84
Total at Bank £205,126.55

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