Transparency Statement 3

18th October 17:00

This is our third transparency statement to explain where we stand with the campaign. At 5pm Friday 14th October exactly four weeks since the launch, our donation fund reached £296,326.30.

Once again thank you to everyone for the continued support.

It has been a very sad two weeks where we have unfortunately had to allow most of our staff to take redundancy and revert to a small manageable team.

We thank all of those loyal staff and wish them well in their career choices.

In addition we have seen our 17th anniversary proceed even though our disco has been closed and we’d like to thank The Warehouse Project, Circus, Chibuku, Team Love, Motion, The Blast, Sub Club, Eastern Electrics, Village Underground and Resident Advisor for hosting our celebrations.

A lot of other individuals donated (or greatly reduced the cost) of their services and time that they gave these events. From RSH Audio to members of staff, some of whom pulled 20 hours shifts. They all also deserve a special mention here.

Furthermore we’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping in making it a success.

We have continued to pursue our goal of changing the Guidance under the Licensing Act and we are anticipating the House of Lords getting involved. We will be able to report more on that in our next Transparency Statement.

Our outgoings in the past 2 weeks have been confined to achieving Quality Management System accreditation and that forms a crucial part of our goal to re-open.

Once again thank you all for you unbelievable ongoing support.

Gary Kilbey
Managing Director

Financial Statement as at 5pm Friday 14th October

Outgoings In Past 2 Weeks
Legal and Professional £2,500.00
IT (site development & support) £300.00
T-shirt purchase and printing £6,429.00
T-shirt fulfilment, packaging & postage £4,595.00
QMS £7,450.92
Charges £1,105.87
Total Costs £22,380.79
Total Pledged £296,326.30
Less Grand Total Costs £225,930.05

At Bank
Bank £121,957.55
Paysafe £87,501.00
PayPal £6,230.50
Stripe £10,241.00
Total at Bank £225,930.55

Photo: Sarah Ginn

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