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Seeking Out Sonic Possibilities With Djedjotronic

With the release of his new compilation Interstate 101 imminent (the album is set to drop this coming Monday on Boys Noize) it deemed fitting to link up with Djedjontronic in order to delve into the grounding of the release and what he's been up the past year before he joins the BNR family in Room One on Friday 7th November. Aside from his upstanding Drum Program EP that was delivered last month, Interstate 101 is what could be described as the Berlin based producers' ability to demonstrate not only his kind of self-spawned, dystopian electro but also the very best of the industrial led scene featuring the likes of SCNTST, Defekt and Miss Kittin as well as himself. Here's what he had to say...

So first off, tell us a little bit about the compilation you’re releasing next week...
The idea behind it is rather simple: To unify some of my favourite artists on the same record and ask them to produce a track especially for the occasion. Intertstate 101 is a north-south highway running along the pacific coast of USA. Like the Intertstate 101, electro is a music genre that connects different countries and different people. It has also been truncated and changed by technology but still remains as a way out following its path on the margins of a crowded and commercial junction. Through the selection of artists present on board I want to illustrate the vivacity of the scene and support the music I am playing at the moment. I met most of them during the past few years and they belong to my musical extended family.

Apart from the compilation, what else have you been up to this year? What have been the highlights?
Remixing Depeche Mode has been my highlight so far. I remember when I first heard the cover from Trevor Jackson as Playgroup back in 2002... Electroclash was fading away at the time and this record was my peak time weapon. I always wanted to do my own reinterpretation but I was too scared to destroy the original. When they asked me to choose a song to remix, I instantly knew it would be 'Alone'. I tried to emphasize the contrast between intimist melody and claustrophobic rhythm. It’s my attempt to translate the duality of feelings that is present in the original song.

What can we expect from you over the months to follow and next year?
I’m actually working to develop the Interstate 101 idea. Hopefully we’ll be able to set up club shows with some artists present on the compilation like Defekt, Glass Figure or Maelstrom. I’m also busy in the studio, experimenting things for myself or producing beats for other artists. There is always something to do! I’d love to release another EP for Zone in 2015 and a remix EP for 'Pleasure & Pain', a featuring track with Miss Kittin, on BNR.

You say your music is directly inspired by Warp and Detroit Techno. Who were the artists and what were the records that truly influenced you?
As most of the european techno fans who’ve never been to Detroit, I’m fascinated by the iconic godfathers, the stories and legends surrounding them. Juan Atkins and Mad Mike for example, two strong personalities making a pure form of techno music with an anti-mainstream vision. Retrospectively I think it’s more about my own mental representation, like a fantasm. But then the music speaks for itself and I go crazy any time I hear 'Cosmic cars' or 'Clear'. Warp, especially the Artificial Intelligent compilations, had also a huge impact on my music. Detroit artists made the link between Kraftwerk and Parliament Funkadelic but Artificial Intelligent compilations gave birth to IDM linking Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd together. At the end it’s all about Kraftwerk!

What do you think it is about your music, your approach to production and the industry and your music career as a whole that’s made you the artist you are today and sets you apart from everyone else?
I like to try new things and i’m not scared about what people think.

You’ve said in the past that you treat your music like a type of quest. Can you expand on this a little more?
I consider my artistic work as a long effort to seek out sonic possibilities. But it’s more often a chaotic progress made of happy accidents and period plagued by personal doubts. What I like the most with questing for creativity is that it always comes by surprise.

What do you think is the best thing about electro?
It can be transgressive, raw but more important is the syncopated beat!! I’m obsessed with these kind of rhythms. That’s the music I want to dance to. I’m sad when the crowd feel lost without a four to the floor kickdrum.

You’re playing at FABRICLIVE next month, what can we expect from your set?
I loved to play after I-F in room 2 but this time i’m back in room 1 again and i can’t wait!! You’ll hear some beats from the compilation, new techno jams and all time favourite classics.

Photo credit: Philipp Bögle

Friday 7th November

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