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Magda Discusses Her Balance 27 Mix

For our latest Sleeve Notes feature we asked Items and Things boss, Magda to talk us through a selection of the tracks that make up her soon to be released Balance 027 compilation as she prepares to return to Room One this coming Saturday night (7th March).

Magda's selections have always carried a unique personality to them. Throughout everything she does the Poland born and Windsor raised artist has displayed a knack for delivering pleasingly quirking, crunking and a generally odd but driving sound; and it’s precisely a makeup like that that makes her output so engaging. Spending her early days finding her feet on her home turf between New York, Windsor and Detroit, something special seemed to happen when she moved out to Berlin to be under the wing of Richie Hawtin and his m_nus family during the heights of its mid ‘00s success. It helped her find her own groove.

Over her career Magda has laid down her sound over a number of compilations, firstly her 2006 She's A Dancing Machine release for m_nus which was followed three years later with her fabric 49 mix. We're now nearly six years on and Magda has continued to grow and develop, leaving the base of m_nus and moving to establish her own imprint, Items and Things (as well as a tequila brand, apparently). The invitation of the Balance mix series feels like the perfect time for Magda to lay down her reinvigorated sonic and show the world where she's at now musically. The two CD, 49 track compilation really does show the DJ at her best mixing up atmospherics as much as she does tracks with a dancefloor drive….

Tase - Comeback

Magda: This is the first track on disc one which brings in a beat. I like how it creeps up and builds in a slow heavy way with a lo-fi vocal. its an outstanding production

Gregory Fleckner Quintet - How Much Would Conkers Cost?

I listened to this track outdoors in the Polish mountains during an intense full moon and I really felt like I was in a Halloween film. Its quite different but somehow fits right in.

Luc Ringeisen - Beat Design

When I bought this record earlier this year I just sat in my studio and played it over and over again. It's stripped down just right with such an interesting developing story.

Errorsmith - Make or Break

This track is very nostalgic for me and still sounds like nothing else over a decade later. The whole record is slow and weird and I always go back to it in my sets.

Andrew Pekler - Pitch Class Spy Glass

No embed available. Stream it on Myspace (!!).

Andrew Pekler is one of my heroes. I have been listening to so many of his productions and mixes this year that I had to use him on the mix. The way he works with sound is completely inspiring.

The Mole & Hreno - Things Are Heating Up In The Grizzly Maze

When this record arrived I literally turned the volume up until the walls were shaking and started dancing around my room screaming 'woo!' Melting into modular bleep funk couldn't be better.

Etcher - They Are Us

This guy does acid really well. I'm very impressed by this release and the other tracks I have heard. It fits perfectly with my idea for the mix.

T.B. Arthur - 1 (B1)

This track blew my mind when I heard it - the sickest tripped out acid. It's one of my favorites on the mix. A good old school techno cut.

Transllusion - Walking With Cloudss

My homage to James Stinson, one of my earliest and most important influences back in Detroit. He makes the compilation complete.

Photo Credit: Leandro Quintero

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