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Matt Tolfrey Talks Us Through His fabric 81 Album

For our latest Sleeve Notes feature, we turned to our long time friend, Matt Tolfrey to talk us through the selections that make up his fabric 81 mix, which is due out next week just ahead of his launch party in Room One next Saturday night (25th April).

Throughout the entirety of the history of our mix series, one thing that’s always been of utmost importance is that the curator is someone who has had a special presence at our club. One individual who we feel especially close to is Matt Tolfrey who, after being witnessed doing something special behind the decks by Craig Richards in his native Nottingham received a phone call shortly after inviting him to make his Farringdon debut. That was over ten years ago now and not many other artists have shared such a long history with us. In short, our space has seen Tolfrey build and grow his own individualised take on driving a dancefloor, working in quirky basslines alongside off-kilter grooves into his DJing.

Basically, our relationship has been long and fruitful and now felt like the perfect time for the Leftroom boss, Tolfrey to step up and infuse his sound into a permanent volume in our mix series. In this feature he goes deeper, explaining his track choices and the personal relationships he enjoys with a selection of the records lifted from the release.

Rednail Kidz - Do My Thing

Matt Tolfrey: The closest people around me throughout my career, whether it's my Mum, my wife Hayley, Judy or Craig have always said, "just do your thing" and even though it does sound very sentimental, there really was no other way to start my fabric mix. I've had this track in mind for the opening of this CD for many years. I played it the first time I ever played fabric in May 2004 and I feel it sets the tone from the off. "I have some feelings, I want to share with you," what else can I say? Derrick Carter really is a genius of our time!

Aaron Carl - My House (Doc Martin & Eddie Amador's Wax Dub)

No stream available of the remix so here's Aaron Carl's Dub o Funk Version from the original record

I loved the original of this record on Wallshaker, but this dub has stood the test of time with me. I actually remember telling Doc that I was in love with this remix in Miami and he said that he and Eddie just threw two records together to make it. I wish I could just grab two old records, sample them and end up with something as groovy as this!

Skat - Nightlife (Kenny Hawkes & David Parr Remix)

I visited Paris while I was living in Nottingham and while I was there I got to shop in Katapult. This was the first time I was introduced to Ark, Cabanne, Krikor, Sety, all the Circus and Karat crew. This stuff at the time totally blew my mind and my musical direction changed there. These guys were like punks, they were trying everything or they were bringing it back to nothing, it was fascinating. Ever since then I always keep an eye on everything they do and coupled with the fact I love absolutely love Kenny Hawkes, this remix was a must have on the mix. The outdoor vibes of the remix remind me of the mad crickets in the north of Ibiza also! They really go for it out there!

Jon Convex - Zero

There's not a lot to say about this track other than: bassline! How can you not go crazy to that bassline? Every time I play this track I can tell who on the dancefloor is only just hearing it for the first time.

Gregorythme - (R)evolution

I've had some wild parties with the Cityfox boys in Zurich, trust me these guys know how to party. The one that springs to mind ended up with Lee Curtiss and myself waking up in two separate beds in the kids department of what can only be described as Switzerland's answer to Ikea! Both of us had no idea what was going on, luckily someone found us,and we were taken down to the the basement where an after party was in full flow with a log fire burning strong in the background.

All being said, I'm super proud of the guys, their warehouse shows in New York are currently second to none and this track is a shout out to them and what they stand for!

Pure Science - It's Magic

No stream available

I used to love seeing Phil play at the club and with alot of pleasure I got to add a bit of disco to the mix through his eyes and ears. Cassy's vocal in 'Idle Blues' fits so perfectly layered on top of this record that it had to be done. I remember playing these two records together in Room One many years ago and I can't wait to do it again!

2nd Shift ft. Heather - Somethin' Else (This Year's Peasant Look)

Possibly my favourite remix of all time, this has been my 'when all else fails,'' my secret weapon,' my 'what the f**k is this!?!' record for a very long time! When it comes through the speakers this record sums up what fabric is to me. I can't really explain it, I just want to hear it again and again. Hats of again to Mr Derrick Carter!

Marschmellows - 2834 (Richard Wolfsdorf Remix)

No stream available

No fabric CD is complete without a touch of Villalobos, and this is just that. This record was the first time I ever heard Ricardo's work, and it won't be the last! A timeless remix from 1997!

Kevin Yost - Istanbul 2

Whenever I see that a track has been recorded from a live set and then released I never really take too much notice because I always sense there might be something not quite right with it; but in this case, it is the complete opposite. It's taken from an album called 'Live and Improvised' and it is exactly that - as raw as you can get!

Soichi Terada - Tokyo XXX

The biggest dilemma I came across was what was going to be the last track on the mix? It was a toss up between a few records, but this one came out on top. I originally picked this up on vinyl during a trip to Tokyo, but subsequently lost the record in one of my many 'the airline lost my luggage again' situations. Luckily I managed to buy a Far East Recordings CD which it featured on so it wasn't lost forever. The piano line that appears out of nowhere is such a shout to the original acid house spirit that it had to be included.

The record that gives me goose pimples every time I get to play it!

fabric 81: Matt Tolfrey is due for release on 20th April pre-order your copy here.


Saturday 25th April