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Ryan Elliott on Panorama Bar 6 Parts 1 + 2

For the latest in their esteemed series of mixes associated with that highly coveted Berlin party space Panorama Bar, Ostgut recently announced a change in tactics for how the mix would be delivered to the world. No longer would it be crafted and then laser etched onto a CD. Instead it would be made available digitally and for free. Stressing that the quality set out on the previous mixes would still remain and that the undefined schedule would allow them to garner the most suitable of artists for the series as well as affording them the time to deliver the best mix they can before it gets mastered and given away in the highest quality possible. They also promised that they would commit to their tradition (our favourite bit) of releasing vinyl pressings of tracks that get aired on the mixes for the first time.

And this week Ryan Elliot became the first DJ to pioneer this new mode of presentation and alongside it has compiled not one but two vinyl releases for us. The mix is the subject of our latest Sleeve Notes feature where we ask artists to go deeper into the track selections and stories from their releases. Seeing as the mix contained over 40 tracks we thought it best to keep the focus to the hard format releases to get Elliott's own personal take and perspective of how it all came together for him as we look forward to celebrating its release with him in Room Two next Saturday night...

O-TON 81 - Panorama Bar 06 - Part I

A1 Newworldaquarium - Thousand Oaks - I first heard "Trespassers" on a dance floor in Detroit many years ago and was completely blown away. Since then I've always closely followed NWAQ's releases and they never disappoint. I knew I wanted to start my mix with an ambient track, so I asked him if he could make one for me.

A2 Roman Flügel - The Odd Lobster - Roman is one of my absolute hero's. He's been making fantastic music since the 90's. Alter Ego, Soylent Green, Eight Miles High, Acid Jesus...the list goes on and on. And, he's a great DJ. I just had to have him on my mix.

A3 Terrence Dixon - Innocence - It was important to me to have Detroit represented on the mix, because that's where I'm from. Terrence is one of my favorite Detroit artists. Simple.

B1 Borrowed Identity - Leave Me - I first heard Borrowed Identity's Mistress release and loved it. Mistress is one of DVS1's labels, so I asked him if he could put me in contact with Borrowed Identity, and he was kind enough to do so. He sent me this moody track and I loved it.

B2 Tuff City Kids - Breacher - It was important to me to represent Frankfurt on my mix. All the focus is on Berlin now, and many people don't realize how many good producers and DJ's come from Frankfurt (example - Roman Flugel). I've always liked the TCK stuff so we got them on board.

O-TON 82 - Panorama Bar 06 - Part II

A1 The Oliverwho Factory - Take It Slow - Another Detroit act. I love all of the releases on their own label Madd Chaise, and basically anything they do. They sent me this track and I knew it would fit perfectly in the mix.

A2 Deadbeat - Woah! - Deadbeat's recent "ID Series" records have been staples in my box for the past year. I contacted him for something like that and he sent me this dub monster. It really gives the mix a nice change of direction.

B1 Nick Höppner - Track For Eb - Nick is a close friend. His music is so fragile and intricate. I sat with him in his studio and he was playing me songs, and when he put this one on, I knew it was the one. It really winds the mix down nicely.

B2 Makam - Girls Night - The Dutch Heavy House King!! I play almost everything Makam releases. End of story.

B2 Marcel Dettmann - Light - I've known Marcel for over 10 years and he has always been one of my favorite producers and DJ's besides being a close friend. I knew I wanted to end my mix with an ambient track, and I've always loved Marcel's ambient work. I sat in his studio with him one evening and he played this for me. When he played it, I knew how my mix would end.



Saturday 23rd August

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