Above And Beyond with Jamie Jones

No stranger to the adulation of the fabric crowd, Jamie Jones has now become accustomed to the flattery of the entire dance scene. No longer just an underground sensation, with the release of his debut album and his accompanying live performances, Jones has crash landed into the stratosphere of dance superstar.

Already a big name as a DJ around the world, Jamie’s debut LP, 'Don't You Remember the Future,' has dropped at the perfect time and propelled him further into the limelight. He has struck with a superb album whilst the iron is red hot –right off the back of his huge, groove-laden anthem ‘Summertime.’ Who could forget that wonderful and unique vocal? His patient approach towards the album has given him the time to make the record exactly as he wanted...the result is a ground-trembling fusion of house and techno that sounds as futuristic as it does reflective. Deep, dark and twisted but with the succulent grooves and disco-washed sound that has tinged the Welshman’s dancefloor killing sets over the years.

With the success of bringing his live show to Room One two weeks ago, we thought it was time we caught up with the space-obsessed Jamie to chat about the future, London and outer-space travel insurance!

Jim Morrison believed that when he saw a car crash involving a truck full of Native Americans as a kid, one of the dying men jumped into his soul and possessed him. Tell me a little bit about the inter-galactic spaceship smash that you witnessed as a child.
Ummmm.. Well, to be honest it wasn't really a smash...I think both spaceship owners agreed that it was nobody's fault and they didn't even bother calling the authorities . I don't even think they exchanged numbers for insurance purposes. I guess nobody wanted to lose their off world no claims bonuses...

Do you think it’s important to remember the past when travelling into the future?
Of course, my favourite bit of traveling to the future is seeing that some things never go away - certain styles, tastes, behaviours; whether it's music, sounds, films or good Indian take away...

Your concept for the album is the idea that it is the year 2116, and music has become some kind of controlled means of manipulating humans, and the rebellion consists of artists like yourself playing underground clubs to take people outside that control. When you pictured this scene, did you imagine it to be similar to the fabric dance floor at 6AM?
Most definitely...there would probably be a few three breasted women on the dance floor, and definitely some other aliens. Maybe some Ewoks up in the VIP too.

Judging by many of the parties that take place in London, surely a submissive and controlled crowd is a long way off? I mean, with all parties around, whether they’re free, on a Sunday or in an odd part of the city – there is certainly a desire to be wild and let loose out there right now.
For sure, there's some really cool underground parties again.. and it's really refreshing. Yes I mean, I think the rebelion is already well on it's way - the music is open at the moment, and the party scene here in London is reflecting that.

How big of a pull do you think London is right now for DJs across the globe? We keep seeing people like Detroit’s Lee Curtiss and Berlin’s Dixon popping up at small events around the city.
I'm not sure, I think so, London has always been a big draw. It's a place where young creative people come from all over the word to discover and make something of themselves, so there's always new stuff going on, new parties etc. There's always plenty of opportunities for DJs to come and play music to enthusiastic audience.

What has made you want to perform live rather than just DJing?
It's something I try and keep special. I don't do it that often, it has to be the right time and the right place.

If you could go backwards or forwards in time – which would you rather do?
Without question forwards, I just want to ride a hoverboard maaan...

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