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Hardwax Berlin Top 10.

Kids…never judge a book by its cover…but you can probably judge a city by its record store.

Around the world, a strong music scene is often underpinned by a popular emporium stocking the latest wax, rare t-shirts and those little 7” record adaptor thingies for your 1210’s. Berlin is one such place. Well documented as the centre of the electronic music world of late, the city’s clubs and general creative ambiance plays host to numerous producers and artists who reside there; not to mention party-goers from around the world. Techno as standard; Dubstep on tap; Disco if desired…the list goes on, even the Ting Tings took time out from Blighty to write and record their lastest album in the German capital.

Sitting in the Kreuzberg district, Hardwax is at the heart of Berlin’s electronic music scene. Aesthetically, the store’s location and appearance encompasses the vibe of the city, the same vibe that makes the destination a must for techno enthusiasts, arty aristocrats and followers of fashion. A small, dark graffitied stairwell acts as the entrance to the third floor store and, after a short climb asking yourself the same question ('Is this the right way?!’), a concrete wax haven awaits with friendly staff and racks upon racks of music spanning everything from Detroit Techno, Neo-Techno, Minimal, Dubstep to Disco.

The knowledgeable folk who spend their days lock up in the Hardwax cavern have assembled their current top 10 tracks for us foreigners to gaze over. They ship to the U.K so check out their coprehensive website for details - or, better still, head there for yourself! Although Berlin has many stories to tell and sights to see, if you techno tourists want a least one trip out during daylight to tell your Mum about, head to Hardwax.

Hardwax Current Top 10

1. Wax: No. 20002 (Wax No. 20002)

2. Moderat: The Unofficial Mixes Of Moderat Pt#1 (50 Weapons MODERATUNOFFICIALRMXPT#1)

3. Various Artists: The Tetrode Sessions (Tetrode Music 104)

4. Helixir: XP Dub (Seven 010)

5. Levon Vincent: The Medium Is The Message (Novel Sound 03)

6. Pangaea: Memories (Memories 001)

7. Emvee: Glitch Dub (Wireblock 010)

8. Jeff Mills: Adjustments (Axis Time Mechanics 03)

9. Horizontal Ground: 1 (Horizontal Ground 001) -

10.AU: 1 (General Elektro GE AU  1)


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