The Cornerstone Tracks Of Alan Fitzpatrick
"It's Easy To Be Inspired"

Ever since he was first signed to Drumcode back in 2009, Alan Fitzpatrick has risen higher and higher in the techno realm. There aren't many people who can discount the gigantic reach Adam Beyer's imprint has and releasing on it gave Fitzpatrick the perfect platform to cultivate his own following. Notching up over ten releases on Drumcode with numerous others on his self run, 8 Sided Dice imprint (and elsewhere), Fitzpatrick's tracks have consistently carried the stamp of his direct and party focused take on techno. But, even though his own creativity is solely built around the dancefloor, his musical heritage and influences definitely are not as this selections for the our latest edition of our cornerstone tracks feature, pulled out ahead of his upcoming return to Room Two this Saturday night (25th April), clearly demonstrate. He draws from a much wider pool of sounds in his day to day existence.

"Before we get into this, I feel like I need to make a qualifying statement," Fitzpatrick offers. "I could have easily listed 100 tracks and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do justice to the task of selecting just 10. Also, I have not listed these selections in any particular order. Oh, and I have missed out anything by Nirvana, The Doors, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Yazoo, Gary Numan, Breton, Sade, tons of early '90s rave and Bowie's entire back catalogue. All of which has contributed a huge amount to not just my musical make up but also making me the person I am."

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

Alan Fitzpatrick: This blows my mind. The whole album is amazingly beautiful, but this track is just SO good. It's like the modern day version on Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight'. That must have been an influence for James Blake when he wrote this. Such an epic track.

Warren G & Nate Dog - Regulate (Extended Mix)

I will never get tired of this tune. This is reminds me of jamming out while driving around in my first car. I know every word and the memories that come flooding back when I hear it are very special to me. I love Michael Macdonald too. Total Win.

Burial - Archangel

Oh my... THIS guy! He slays me every single time. I am equal parts personally moved and professionally jealous by his work. 'Archangel' is off his superb Untrue album which for me is one of my favourite electronic albums of all time. Close your eyes and feel the hairs on your neck just do their thing.

This is truly a classic track and not the first time it's turned up in a cornerstone tracks feature... What is it exactly you’re envious of in his production that you’re struggling to get to in your own work?

Its not that I am jealous in that sense, its more that I wish I wrote the track [laughs]! I just really appreciate it and I am very much full of respect for Burial as an artist.

Ben Howard - Oats In The Water

I am a massive Ben Howard fan. This particular track is off the Burgh Island EP. I almost always listen to Ben when I am travelling back from shows, or in those special moments of solitude you sometimes get when touring and you have played an amazing show but you have no one to share that moment with. This happened to me last watching the sunrise over New York City. Pure bliss!

It’s interesting that you turn to a totally different style of music from what you play in the clubs that you maybe don’t want to carry on the party in between. Also to touching on this further, this loneliness when touring thing, is it not often that you get after the set to unwind and enjoy your moment?

I do my best to try and unwind as much as possible after I perform nowadays. I am just focused on doing a good job, reflecting on what went well and what didn’t. I rarely drink in clubs anymore. I am trying to focus on the important things and being the best I can be on stage is very important to me. Plus in this job, it's easy to let your health suffer for your creative soul and that isn’t good.

Radiohead - Codex

I’d say this is pretty much my favourite Radiohead track. I actually cried when watching Thom sing this live at The O2 in London. His voice grabs you, freezes you in the moment and makes you pay full attention. There is no other artist with a voice so unique. Fact!

DJ Rap & Voyager - Divine Rhythm

I've got this on promo, baby! Haha... well, I bought the promo on Discogs for £50! The first ever DJ Rap production; it samples '80s group Mr Mister, who I also dig. The original track is called 'Kyrie' and the sample combined with the breakbeats and a cheeky vocal pinched from the 1979 cult classic film, The Warriors, is perfect. I still get inspired by this record, even though it's nearly 25 years old.

So this is the first dance floor related record you’ve picked here – was it music you picked up later on or is it reflective of the time you yourself got involved with dance music? Can you tell us about those times if so…

I picked this track mainly due to recently re-discovering it through searching for stuff on Discogs. It’s not a sound I picked up on later in life, my tastes have always been massively broad. I just didn't want to include too much dancefloor stuff in this feature as there is just too much to choose from and second guess. I personally wanted to share some favourites and some stuff that's completely detached from dance music, hopefully to give people some perspective of my overall taste.

Prince - Purple Rain

No stream available.

This is another tune that can make me sob. It is such a nostalgic track for me. I feel like this tune and I grew up together. It was an ever-present through my formative years as well as my current life. It’s a huge favourite of my wife's and we still dance around the house together to this.

Goldie - Timeless

I don’t need to even say anything a about this just click play and it will all make sense!

Goldie is such an incredible artist, on so many levels. Aside from this track in general did he inform your own work or perspectives in any way?

I think if I take anything from Goldie, its that you should always dare to be different and dare to create something new. Its important to always excite yourself, I think.

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

I think I still play this track 2 or 3 times a week, EVERY week. Kate Bush... the most influential lady of her time? Writing songs aged 11, combining visual art with music, standing out like a total sore thumb when she broke through but STILL rocking it? Blowing the mind of legendary guitarist Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd! Yes Kate!

She really was an incredible artist – but this list is made up of them. It's easy to be inspired

Joy Division - Atmosphere

Another of my Sunday songs. The lyrics, the vibe, the atmosphere. Joy Division don’t need any introduction, but one thing is for sure, their two albums changed people’s lives. Ian forever!

So we've reached the end without any mention of techno, could we talk here quickly about some of the guys making four four that you look up to and have inspired you along the way?

Again, there could be a long list but certainly guys like Sven, Carl and Jeff Mills are people I will always admire. Purely for the fact that they are all still performing at the top of their game, with the same passion they had at day one. You cannot learn this trait - its a feeling - and, as a music lover that's inspiring.


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