The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer

The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer is one of our favourite DJs. Constantly destroying dancefloors from LA to London, with his relentless energy, wild hair, emphatic demeanour on the mic and next-level moves, he’s a pleasure to watch when he takes to the decks, pushing his extreme mix of dubstep, beats, breaks and what he likes to call ‘Thug Step’. Representing LA and the West Coast beat scene with own productions and his posse Brainfeeder, every Wednesday night he holds the forte at the notorious Low End Theory club in Downtown LA.

We caught up with GLK for an ultimate catch up and got the low down on LA life, Low End Theory and his love for London town.

What have you been upto for the past two weeks?
Finished my new Low End Theory Podcast Featuring Myself & Mary Ann Hobbs + finishing my Low End Theory Japan Mix for my Low End / GLK Asian Tour in November + Gigs Gigs Gigs!

I wanna know, what were you like in high school?
A fuckin’ mess... Ha.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing now?
Who the fuck knows?! I might have been a fucking actor! Ha

You have a relentless energy when you DJ, after your set at FWD>> last month a few friends were telling me, ‘he vibrates’! Tell us about your moves?
I try and use the energy coming from the crowd to channel my inner HOLY GHOST if you will --- I also started out B-boying before I ever scratched a record, so dancing has always been a big part of my youth whether it was hip hop shows or punk shows or raves, I was always getting down.

What country has given you the best reception as a DJ?
Toss up between the UK & the Netherlands (London & Amsterdam) but I have to say that Perth & Sydney Australia, Barcelona, Athens Greece & Toronto Canada have come close!

You’ve been in and around Europe quite a lot this year, do you think your sound translates better here than it does in the US?
I don't know if I would say that it translates better - but people love an Import - always happens that way. While I’m over in the UK & EU, Skream, Caspa, 16Bit, & Joker are in the States! We trade imports :)

I love playing in Europe & the UK tho - there is nothing like it in the world, (besides The Low End Theory of course) - the energy is a bit higher at the festivals in Europe than in the states from what I have experienced, I think it may have something to do with the fact that most places I have been in the UK & EU, the Government actually supports the arts & gives grants to artists putting parties & festivals together, there by supporting the young people that go to said parties & festivals! Where as in the US the City, State, & federal Government wants to stop any large gathering of young people from taking place and if they can't stop it, then they make sure to keep the events policed to no end, filling the place with undercover cops & security out the yingyang! There by alienating the young people & making them much more stiff & more afraid to really go nuts & truly express themselves!


Tell us about the LA scene, how do you think it differs to the UK sound?
The scenes are not so different from what I’ve found. Both scenes have your hipsters who think they are cool, & both have fucking Chavs (or jocks as we say in the states) who should all DIE in a big football stadium together. We have the mega fans who support even with they're last dollar. Some people come for the music & some come to look at each other & be social - it's all the same really. I think that the UK & EU are way more responsive to electronic music in general tho - that's something that I have noticed.

We in LA are at the beginning of the road with this beat shit - there is gonna be a lot more stuff coming out of LA in the future - everyone is inspired & excited & competitive as hell! Anyways I could go on with this answer for ages - so many things to compare!

Brainfeeder seems to be taking over the world, the label, the events, and online, what can we expect from Brainfeeder in the last part of the year?
THE BRAINFEEDER TAKEOVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got a bunch of new releases & parties & tours in the works - keep your eyes on and we will let you know the deal.

Tell us about Low End Theory*, how did it start? How’s it going?
I moved to LA June 2006. It’s been 3 years since and it stands to be the best decision I have ever made in my life. LA is the SHIT.

We started doing Low End Theory Oct. 2006. Daddy Kev had the idea & a specific location he wanted to try it out. Then he pitched it to myself, Dj Nobody, & Edit. We were all IN IT from the start. It was a rough start like any weekly club but man has it paid off :) It has become one of the world’s most influential club nights.

The Idea behind The Low End Theory is simple. (But its still a 3 part answer)

1. We wanted to create an 18+ Musical Showcase / Beat night in Los Angeles where young people and older people alike, could come hear something different, something new ( from other LA musicians as well as musicians from around the world )

2. We also want them to feel an energy that is real, that is raw and uncompromised. To let them know that they can be themselves and feel part of something. A place to be free and even a little weird ... shit, on the real, the Low End Theory residents can be found going wild every Wednesday night at the airliner among all the kids, and maybe even a bit more wild than the kids themselves!

3. The Low End Theory is also somewhat of a community centre for many of the young up and coming producers and deejays, and for the old school cats as well. It’s a place where WE can meet and chat over some fine California trees and a beer, while also witnessing some of the dopest new music out there.

I won’t go into some name dropping detail, but if you have ever been to a Low End Theory, than you know... it’s an all star cast of the world’s finest.

Now let me just clarify that when I say Low End Theory is a "Musical Showcas/Beat night" I mean that we have instrumental electronic shit as well as heavier live rock bands, hip hop acts/deejays, dubstep, computer music/glitch hop, even some dusty soul/neo jazz Detroit shit or anything else we feel is more beat oriented and more forward thinking than your average popular music of any category all performing on a stage for the loyal LET patrons.

Come see for yourselves...

Name the top 5 parties to have gone down in Low End Theory history books so far...
These maybe the Top 5: MixMaster Mike, The Low End Theory Beat Invitationals 1-10, Prince Paul & PB Wolf, MA Hobbs, Flylo LA Album release party, The Low End Theory Halloween Costume Parties 1 & 2

If you could play one club in the world, where would it be and why?
I have not a clue where I would rather play then where I have already been playing! Places like Low End, Trouw in Amsterdam, + Fabric & Plastic People in London are the absolute best I have played so far - I'm sure Flylo, Skream, Rusko & Diplo could give me a long list of clubs I need to play but hey, I'm on my way :)

Tell us all about your latest 10”, 'My Troubled Mind'. It’s a lot different from what you play out in the clubs...
My Troubled Mind is a bunch of music I recorded & manipulated over the course of 3 years - the samples range from Turkish to Russian to Mexican to Indian + some Italian synth shit - it's a 16 minute ride thru my fave styles of music - fucked up and re arranged by me.

Where do you see your own productions going and what do you have coming up?
I want to incorporate more of my own live drumming + more LA/UK musicians will be featured on the next releases in 2010. My Low End Theory Japan mix is next on my list - then my 2nd Private Press 10"EP - then a mix CD for Now Again Records (Egon’s label). After that my LP.

What artists are you enjoying listening to at the moment?
Laughing Windows, Dorian Concept, Flylo, Samiyam, Madlib's new shit (you don't even know!), Shafiq Husayn, always bumping Black Sabbath, The Doors, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, Can, Faust, This Heat, Portishead, Radiohead and Broadcast too.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
That’s very hard to say, but I think some of the most amazing few would have to be the first Brainfeeder London, Brainfeeder LA, Sonar Fest 09, my first & only show in Tel Aviv ,Israel, my Fabric gig with Rusko & Skream and this past Month at Lowlands Fest in the Netherlands. Oh and FWD>> in London for sure!

What’s the Gaslamp Killer’s recipe for a perfect party?
Good sound system + good energy + AC on full blast + kind and professional staff = success!



You can catch GLK alongside Laser Sword and Akira Kiteshi on Friday 23rd October in Room Three.

*The Low End Theory club is located at The Airliner - 2419 North Broadway (Between Ave. 26 & Daly Street in Lincoln Heights Los Angeles ) $10 / 18+ / 10pm - 2am

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