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Week Ending 8th May

Behold, the dawning of a new age. Or, at least, the birth of a new regular column for the fabric site.

Between the staff employed here we spend a whole bunch of our time seeking out, reacting to, recommending and playing each other new music. Understandably it’s an integral part of what we do. So, in simplistic terms, we wanted to create a place for us to share the things we share internally, with you, externally. But rather than have that be screenshots of hundreds of different and badly spelled Skype IMs we decided to make it a little bit more curated...

Say Hello To The NTIA

Obviously politics is a little bit of raw topic this week, considering the outcome of this week's general election, but this week the Night Time Industries Association launched to be a voice for the sector, working to increase the awareness and understanding of its contribution and benefits. In their own words: "it seeks to influence the decisions of policymakers and ensure that the night time economy continues to flourish, supporting regeneration, creating jobs and enhancing the UK’s international reputation."

Obviously, considering our business, we're avid supporters.

Learn more about the NTIA here.

RIP Errol Brown

The world said an unwanted goodbye to Errol Brown earlier this week, when the Hot Chocolate lead singer passed away aged 71 after suffering from liver cancer. The Guardian dropped an esteemed knowledge nugget noting that "Hot Chocolate were initially signed to the Beatles' Apple label, after John Lennon heard their reggae version of 'Give Peace a Chance' – recorded when Brown was 21 – and liked it."

Daniel Avery's Electronic Explorations

Dan's playing in RM1 on 15/05. Tickets here.

The State of the Vinyl Industry

We did it, man! We made it through Record Store Day with our wallets intact and our bank balances still in the positive. And, much like a lot of people, we're super grateful to events like the Indie Label Market and the South London Record Fair for the lifeblood and interaction they provide for small independent record labels like ours, so we actively like to spend our time reading about the state of the industry. In fact, I'd say we spend a lot of time digesting think pieces on the durability of a format that's already considered by some to be archaic, but this week there were a couple more we felt were worth directing you towards, especially FACT Mag's expose of the current landscape entitled: Pressed to the Edge: Why vinyl hype is destroying the record.

On the flipside XLR8R recently posted news of QRATES, a small scale vinyl pressing project that exists to give bedroom labels the hope of still being able to afford to make physical product; and while we're on the subject, The Quietus went behind the scenes at a vinyl pressing plant a while back too. It wasn't published this week or anything, but y'know what? I'm not mad at myself for linking to it here. After all, there's no rules...

JME & Skepta Both Drop Knowledge on YouTube Independently Of Each Other

If grime music was an actual currency then the brothers Adenuga would be a couple of the recognisable faces guarding the Royal Bank of Grime's main vault. Armed only with their wit and their infectious sense of vehement self belief, JME and Skepta are two of the most uncompromising and successful artists [still] doing it. Releasing music on their Boy Better Know imprint, strictly on their own terms, they've both been more than popular figures on the internet in the last week, what with JME releasing his newest album Integrity> on 4th May and Skepta treating a car park in Shoreditch to a 'shutdown' - or a free show that lasted as long as it could until the police shut it down and moved the crowd on. Obviously Skepta's been a iconic topic for the UK underground considering his highly publicized association with Drake, Kanye West (you didn't think we could actually run an issue of This Week, In Music without mentioning him, did you?) and that BRITS performance; but this week he sat down with Hattie Collins for a Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Manchester that is both illuminating and inspiring. JME also sat down with GRM Daily for a stonking two part interview too, giving the world a combined 'well-worth-a-watch' insight into the minds of two of grime's most forthright and respected pioneers.

And Finally

I read somewhere that Madonna kinda regrets kissing Drake the way she did on stage during his first Coachella performance. I just googled it but I really don't remember what site it was - though I know it wasn't Unilad. But the shame of what she's saying... I'd never regret experiencing those lips; not for a hundred New York minutes.

Header photo via FACT Mag

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