Through The (Life) Wire

Sniper Mode a.k.a Gregor Tresher is no stranger to the European landscape of electronice music. “Big City Lights” in 2001 on Elektrolux Records saw the start of a snowballing effect of success, and Tresher has since followed with various well-known releases on labels such as Frisbee, Tritone, Malec, Ovum, Cocoon, Moon Harbour, Datapunk and Great Stuff, among countless others. With the recent release of his second album 'The Life Wire,'** and his long awaited appearance in Room Two creeping up this Saturday, we caught up with the man himself to explore his world...

**see after the jump for a chance to win a copy**

Would you mind telling us a bit more about yourself?
I am 33 years old, live in Frankfurt Germany, have been a DJ for the last 15 years and started to release my own music 10 years ago. I am about to release my new album "The Life Wire" in September 2009 on my new label Break New Soil Recordings.

"Neo-trance" is one of the words that keeps cropping up when people talk about your would you describe your sound?
Well, some of the tracks I released some time ago like "Neon" for example, or "A Thousand Nights,"  have been categorized as Neo-Trance by the press, which is okay for me. I wouldn't say that my music is Neo-Trance though, I would rather call it Techno. I always try to move on and not stick with a certain sound for years just because it works. I think it is important to evolve to keep up the excitement about the music for myself.

What excites you about the current climate in electronic music?
The freedom to play whatever I want in a DJ set, from House to Techno. And of course DJing in general and playing at great clubs with big soundsystems is something that still excites me a lot.

And what frustrates you?
When people in a club aren´t open for new music but always want to hear the old hits they know. That´s boring.

Your album ‘A Thousand Nights’ was a huge success - with the title track being Beatport’s Top Techno track of 2008, did you have a sneaky suspicion that it would be a such a hit or was it a complete surprise?
Of course I hoped that people would like it, but it did surprise me when it got so big then. As soon as you release a track, I think it becomes alive somehow and whatever happens with it is no longer under your control.

As well as producing under your own name, you also produce for Monika Kruse and Karotte, how does the relationship between the producer and artist work in the studio for you?
Working on my own music and producing stuff for other people is completely different. When doing productions for other artists, I usually step back a little bit and try to find out what direction the artist wants to go musically and then set up the right production environment. In the near future I will focus on my own stuff though, and will only do very few productions for friends.

What are the main differences between playing live and DJing in your opinion? What are the pros and cons of doing each?

I have only been playing live for maybe 10 times overall, since I am a DJ in the first place and only want to play live on special occasions. I know I would get bored really quickly if I would play live too often, since you can only play your own tracks. On the other hand it is great to get a reaction on your own music so directly from the audience, and also people usually pay a lot of attention to the live act of the night.

Your tour schedule for your new album ‘The Life Wire’ is looking pretty hectic - do you ever get confused as to where you are?! And what makes a night extra special in your opinion?
Well I'm not getting confused where I am but sometimes where I'm going next or where I'm just coming from. Sometimes people ask me on a Monday where I was and I have to think about it for a minute. Talking about special nights, there already have been a few on this tour, playing at Cherry Beach Toronto, a free party on the beach of the Ontario Lake was special - and just last weekend Welcome To The Future Festival in Amsterdam was amazing. Looking forward to be back at fabric as well!

Finally, who do you recommend looking out for as far as up and coming talent is concerned?
Right now I'm really into all of the productions by Daniele Papini. Also, DJ Madskillz from Amsterdam releases one brilliant track after another. And of course Mr. Daniel Sanchez' releases are all good right now. So that would be my three names to watch for the next months. All three are featured in my DJ mix for the Fabric blog of course....

Come see Gregor this Saturday...until then, email 'The Life Wire' to for a chance to get your hands on a copy of his brilliant new LP.

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