Wolf + Lamb Blog takeover day 4
All Slow Hands all the time!

Wow! Who knew Slow Hands could write like that?! And speaking of Slow Hands, like that awesome free track wasn't enough, how bout an even awesomer mix chock full off exclusives and originals for your listening pleasure or whatever :) Let's keep that motor running!

Slow Hands says: "The mix is over 2 hours (more of my music than i think i have ever listened to) of all original tracks, remixes, and edits (with the exception of that last track) done by myself, a group I am affiliated with (Male Madame & Worst Friends) or the other half of Worst Friends, Tom Croose, a.k.a. John Paul Jones. I wanted to do something special and unique for Fabric's blog, and i thought this was about as personal as you could get. I also haven't done anything like this in over a year (my last "live" set was how Gadi & Zev found me), so i thought it was time. It's nice to do something like this, to kind of freeze where you are or have been musically for a couple years, it's like a musical photo album of certain stages of your life. I am also not prone to playing my own tracks when i DJ that often, and people always ask me to, so here they are :) The last track is a track i wish i had written, and a bit of an homage to a band that is probably making THE most original music out there right now.

Also have to give Greg & Nick from No Regular Play a lot of credit on this mix. I have remixed or been remixed by them quite a bit, as can be seen by the tracklist."

As you can see, it's a family affair :)

Download: SLWHNDS - fabric Exclusive Mix

Tracklist after the jump...

Intro. Are You Hung Up (Slow Hands Edit) - Frank Zappa
1. Never Going Back (Tom Croose Edit) - Fleetwood Mac
2. Early Bed - Tom Croose
3. Death As A Man (Worst Friends Mix) - Praveen & Benoit
4. All Of My Love (Slow Hands Re-Do) - Led Zeppelin
5. Fleece On Brain (Slow Hands Cover) - Matthew Dear
6. Del Boca Vista - Worst Friends
7. Billiards With A Midget - Worst Friends
8. Ladyluck (Slow Hands Remix) - No Regular Play
9. Part Of Me (Slow Hands Remix) - Greg Paulus
10. Unwhimited Whuuub - Slow Hands*
11. 17 Phylps - Tom Croose
12. Variation (Greg Paulus Remix) - Male Madame
13. Mrs. Harrison - Slow Hands
14. Wait A Minute (Worst Friends Remix) - Osborne
15. What's Mine Is Yours (Slow Hands Remix) - Greg Paulus
16. Pillows of Wind (Bostro Pesopeo Remix) - Worst Friends
17. Sands (Addled Remix) - Outputmessage
18. Headgear - Slow Hands
19. The Drums (Tom Croose Remix) - Sandro Perri
20. Fan Fare (Tom Croose Purdie Schaffel Mix) - Historics
21. Natöppet (Worst Friends Softcore Mix) - Detektivbyrån
22. I Think I Can - Animal Collective
Outro. Honeymoon Message (Slow Hands Edit) - Tom Croose

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