Working At Different Coordinates
Mr Mitch & Preditah

On Friday, Room One will play host to quite an accumulation of artists, all of whom are drawing from a slightly different variation on the same spectrum. Whilst Boy Better Know founder, JME and long-time Rinse FM family, Plastician lead the lineup alongside Hyperdub boss Kode9, there’s a focus flying around the internet at the minute that falls on a couple of the artists flanking the headliners. There’s no question that alongside Mumdance, Mr Mitch and Preditah and both flying the flag for the UK’s blossoming grime scene (now that the term ‘grime’ has evolved a little and come to mean something completely different than it perhaps used to) but their singular takes on the movement and their pursuits as solo artists are in a lot of ways, completely different.

As he told DUMMY, Preditah’s reportedly working on new music for a summer release whilst Mr Mitch is currently running his Gobstopper imprint and helping to define the thriving London circuit as one of the four people behind the Boxed club night. You could distil their output down to the fact that Mr Mitch seems bent on making music for the mind, fusing a real weightlessness and melodic scarcity into his music, whilst Preditah’s productions focus on the physical domain and him making music for your feet to move to. Obviously there’s work by both artists that would likely only serve to contradict such a matter of factness, but you could say something like that all the same. In fact, we kind of just did…

Even though they’re both working at different coordinates on a similar graph, Preditah and Mr Mitch are helping write a sonic movement that’s properly continuing to flourish. So in an attempt to illustrate our point musically and provide the content that the internet is ever hungry for, we’re embedding each of their latest mixtapes (Preditah’s recent DUMMY Mix and Mr Mitch’s just published mix for Hyponik) just before they join us this Friday in Farringdon…

Download: Dummy Mix 215 // Preditah

Download: Hyponik 184: Mr. Mitch


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