Sebastian Mullaert and his WYS! Promo Mix

Once again opening up all three rooms for their third Bank Holiday Weekend Special of the year, the infamous party crew have invited a fleet of talent to tackle the selections throughout the night, enlisting the likes of Tobias, Zoo Channel and the man behind Mule Electronic’s Minilogue imprint, Sebastian Mullaert to impart their beats across our three floors.

With only a few days to go before the eagerly awaited long-weekend antics begin, the WYS! team have snapped up a super exclusive mix from Mullaert to help build the anticipation, grabbing a few minutes of his time along the way…

Download: Sebastian Mullaert's Promo Mix

Last time you played for us it was a Minilogue LIVE in Space Ibiza, this time you will be DJing how does the experience differ for you as an artist, between playing live and DJing?
There are both differences and similarities. When I play live, I play only my own music. When I DJ I mix my own music with others. This creates a diversity that open up the possibility to play very long sets as a DJ. But the way I build up my sets both as a DJ and a live artist is a bit similar and for both i prefer to have time to slowly build the music, to give both me and the people dancing a chance to find peace in the dance and within. So the aim with performing is actually the same for both live and DJ sets: the dance and the freedom one can find and explore in the dance.

You recently remixed Jacob Husley & August Jakobsens latest track ‘Blue’ on WYS! Records, it’s had great reviews and feedback. What was the creative process behind the mix ?
It was a remix I did on my own. Most of the time when I make remixes I jam around with the sounds for a while until I find a groove that I feel I could move on with. In this remix I used a lot of the arpeggios from the original and evolved them with some new ones from the Roland 101. The last touch on the remix and the last rhodes jams were made on the beach in Koh Panghan, watching the sun go down in the ocean... it was a very strong moment and it still comes back to me every time I listen to the remix.

Tell us about your new label, what plans do you have for it coming up?
My new label is called Wa Wu We and it's also the name of a new artist alias that I'm starting parallel with Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue). The label is for now a vinyl only label, with its first release coming out in June with Kompakt distribution. I think it’s also worth mentioning, I will just release my own music on the label so no need for people to send demos.

You are now focusing a bit more on your solo career can we expect a solo album?
Yes, I'm now focusing fully on my solo career but also a few other collaborations with different artists. I have a line of releases coming up and also a bunch of interesting remixes I did for different artists. The next release is very special to me, a new 12" at OVUM that will be out in June I think. Josh Wink is one of my all-time favourite artists and his music has inspired me greatly over the years.

An album is in the process, the vision is taking form and a few tracks are kept back already, but this is a process that I think will take a while and I don't think we should expect a Sebastian Mullaert album this year. But one of my collaborations with another artist already led to a full length album. It's a collaboration with my dear friend Eitan Reiter and we will release the album under our own names, Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter. It's an album we jammed during a week when he visited me and my studio earlier this year and it's a very special journey going from ambient into techno. The album is being mastered as we speak and we will send out the demos to a few labels when the mastering is ready.

You have been a father now for quite a few years, how do you make family life and touring work for you?
I was a musician when I met my wife 17 years ago so my touring has been a part of our daily life together. As any other life situations mine give me great opportunities but it’s also limited in certain ways but that's how it is to live. I'm traveling a lot and I spend a lot of time in the studio but I have so much fun doing this so when I'm home I feel that I can fully be with my family. Being my own boss also allows me to choose when to work and when to take time off, an opportunity that I feel is really great for me and my family.

Tell us in detail about your plans in the second half of this year, we have read somewhere that you are planning live collaborations with people like Ulf Eriksson. How different will this be sound-wise from the ‘Minilogue sound’?
This year I'm jamming with a lot of different artists. A lot of people are coming to stay in the countryside where I live to feel the creative flow in the studio I built last year (the one that you can see in the movie Minilogue - As human as possible). Eitan Reiter came a couple of month ago and recorded an album with me, I've also started a new project with my friend Kristoffer Ström (who did the videos for Hitchhiker's Choice and Animals). I really feel for this particular project, it's a fusion between acoustic and electronic music that is in the borderland between dance music and concert music. Both of us play different instruments and for the live show we will have a live drummer joining us. Also earlier this year Swedish artist Patrick Siech came with his big modular system and we had some really cool sessions whic will be released on a series of vinyls. The firt release is almost ready.

Coming up the next months are studio jams with Aril Brikha, Mathew Jonson, The Mole and Ulf Eriksson who I already started a new interesting project with. The main idea with this project is to see what happens when you melt the djing with the live expression, ulf plays records and I play with my regular live set up with synths, drum machines etc. Sound wise, ulf and me are a bit different, if you listen to the music he release on Kontra Musik you cab get a picture of the deep and trippy music that he releases.

Sunday 25th May

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