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The Sound Pellegrino imprint has firmly placed itself at the cusp of ‘one to watch’ in house music releasing work by people like Renaissance Man, Douster, Harvard Bass and Zombie Disco Squad. Curated and created by Orgasmic and Teki Latex, from pioneering French hip hoppers TTC, the duo have become the public faces of the label performing in clubs and on blogs as the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team.

Ahead of their performance at Kill Em All this Friday – where they are taking over Room Three with Round Table Knights and Bambonou (you can win tickets here) – we asked them to go YouTube diggin’, offering them the opportunity to give the world an insight into their inspiration, personalities and sense of humour through a decisively visual medium...

This is Teki Latex's video for Dinosaurs with Guns, it was directed by BM & Fils, two amazing French dudes whose other projects include putting together a life size replica of an airplane made of wood and paper, crashing inside a room. The video is on some next level .gif /Internets take over tip.

Swedish vocalist Marcus Price is one of our latest obsessions. This is a video for one of his projects entitled Basutbudet; crazy Swedish ghettotech vaguely reminiscent of what a gabba collaboration between Detroit Grand Pubahs and the Swedish chef from The Muppets would sound like; with a cameo from underground favorite Mapei and hot Nordic dancing phenomenon Miss Malin. Check out Marcus Price's next single in collaboration with Carli from Savage Skulls dropping soon on Palmsout Sounds.

There's been a lot of talk about Romain Gavras since his recent work as a director for the controversial M.I.A and Justice videos. But not many people outside of France know that around 10 years ago Romain was part of a crazy artistic/cinema collective called Kourtrajmé, which also included our very own Teki Latex as an actor. Megalopolis is an absurd short movie Romain directed ages ago, based on original music by Ed Banger's DJ Mehdi. It's telling the story of three characters finding three magical objects. Scroll to the 10 minute mark and you will see Teki Latex and his magic mic enabling him to kick a mean Biggie impersonation over Mehdi's ‘Nasty Girl’ bootleg.

Snowbombing is a festival held every year in the mountains of Austria. The Institubes crew played there in 2008 and this is a video filmed by Das Glow, showing Sound Pellegrino co-founder Orgasmic dropping his edit of Pryda's ‘Pjanoo’ IN AN ACTUAL IGLOO, surrounded by ice, during one of the crazy Snowbombing parties. Magical.

Gucci Mane definitely made a mark on hip hop in the recent years and it is truly deserved as he is a unique character with a captivating charisma not seen in the rap game since the end of the nineties in our opinion. This is a video of him and OJ da Juiceman freestyling about their favorite hobbies. Notice how angry/possessed OJ looks. He has fire in his eyes. We have not seen a lot of rappers with such surreal attention-grabbing magnetism.

‘Obsession’ for the disco freaks... This is our good Montreal friends Hatchmatik and Jonas from Old Gold Boutique doing their crazy dance thing over an Alexander Robotnick track. Hatchmatik is a dope DJ/producer who co-runs the Old Gold shop with his roommate Jonas, they are both ex b-boys and they have a dance studio in their house. They made a set of insane post-everything-weird-dance videos to promote their shop/website and this is one of them. Funny as hell, and skilful too!

Logobi seems to be the latest dance craze in the young African community of Paris. Merging coupé-décalé with French electro-dance (which some of you may know as the infamous "tecktonik"). It's really cool and refreshing. The music they often use sounds like high speed emotional synth-heavy Zouk mixed with hard techno. DOPE. This is a video of young Logobi dancers doing their thing in the Parisian subway.

Gonzales is currently exploring the idea of piano techno, working more and more with people like Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and Tiga. This track taken from his ‘Pianist Envy’ mixtape is basically him playing piano over the Daft Punk hit ‘Rollin and Scratchin.’ The amazing video, based on footage from the Rocky movies, was made by the talented Jonathan Barré.

Our friend the Genevan Heathen's work is hard to describe. He's an 80's Hollywood-obsessed entertainer whose skills include Deejaying at art-parties, curating the label Villa Magica, creating tee shirts with messages that say ‘The only m*thaf*ucka in this club not on drugs,’ hosting various legendary hip hop and non-hip hop mixtapes with his trademark gimmick "jjjjjjjeah," speaking the truth over Matt Foley tracks, and kicking knowledge on his blog In this amazing video featuring footage of him mixed with clips from his favorite summer movies, he raps/talks about the hot topic of nowadays: things you do in the summer when you're on a beach.

Stella is an American 3-man comedy group formed by Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black and David Wain. They used to be part of a larger troupe called The State, which had an amazing show on MTV back in the 90's. These guys basically invented modern comedy in our opinion. They're hilarious in a twisted, absurd yet totally down to earth and contemporary way. This short movie is about the 3 Stella dudes going to the north pole to meet Santa Claus and his wife. Since the series of shorts this video is taken from, the guys have been featured in various TV shows and movies, and David Wain gained big Hollywood success by directing Role Models starring Paul Rudd.

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