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The Advent's 15 Most Influential Tracks

So you think you know techno? Not like Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent, a studio engineer schooled producer, pioneering DJ and an original gem born from 1990’s UK techno scene, you dont. Originally a duo with Colin McBean working on earlier Advent output, The Advent today is a solo act that continues to serve as bastion of techno, strong and pure, inspired from a lifetime of experience and exposure from the mid 80’s beginnings of electronic music.

There really is no one better placed to review and present the tracks that influenced today’s techno, so here are Cisco’s 15 most influential tracks relayed by the man himself especially for you guys - be that Jeff Mills and Juan Atkins of Detroit or the UK’s own Acid Trax and LFO it’s a non-stop historic and electronic thrill ride. What’s more, on the 19th March The Advent’s joining a line up with a label similarly founded in the era of the music listed here, H Productions, in Room Two and is being joined by label head Cari Lekebusch and label mate Alexi Delano. Big.

01. DBX - Losing Control :

I heard this record for the 1st time mid 90's and that hypnotic vocal "Losing Control" of Dan Bells classic release was one of the 1st records to open a lot doors for new possible directions for music, it was simple and very effective. Plus, that detuned filtered vocal was very trippy indeed.

02. Maurizio - M4 :

Maurizio (From Berlin) is an artist that has been making waves since the very early 1990's with other releases aliases to his name but this M series was a moment in techno that for me, was an important step to show how good techno could sound. Their quality and simple originality and low end sub bass was second to none.

03. 3 Jeff Mills - Gamma Player :

Jeff Mills needs no introduction, this living legend has paved the way for the new generation of techno 3 times over. A true pioneer and one of the founding members of "UR" (Underground Resistance) Jeff & associates made Detroit the techno capital. This "Gamma Player" release showed a softer side of Jeff which was a surprise to the techno purist, as intense and aggressive his then current releases were, this was showing another deeper, softer side. Also his "Purpose Maker" label was started around this time, which featured some other great deeper releases..

04. Vapor Space - Gravitational Arch Of 10 :

Mark Gage - a name that made a huge impact with this huge anthem back in early 90's. The "string intro"- from this period in time, is one of the longest you will hear before the beats kick in. This track has so much emotion and atmosphere that i have not heard for a long time, it also crossed genre's into house, I heard a few house DJ's drop this one at the time.. a definite classic.. shame he only made very few releases, never heard from MR V Space again...

05. Risque 3 - Risque Madness :

This "TUNE!!!!" 1st heard when I was sound engineering back in 87 for the early, pioneering label JACK TRAX. This track was Featured on their 3rd compilation, the real 100% Jack is all over this track. It was produced by K Alexi & Robert McKay, I loved their crazy vocal add libs. This was one of the sound tracks of that time for me

06. Baby Ford - Dead Eye:

Mr Peter BABY ford.
The voice & sound of UK techno at this time, Peter already had had a string of successful releases from Oochy Koochy and Children of the Revolution on Rhythm King records which was a well known label at this time. But the newer sound of "Dead Eye" was released on Peter's Ifach label around 94 and was the B Side of this 1st release (Ifach001). It made for the perfect introduction to his new label & direction in sound. A track and producer way ahead of his time, also remember Mark Broom coming up under Peter's guidance, Mark later proved to be a lethal weapon on Uk Techno's scene in his own right.

07. Dopplereffekt - Plastiphilia :

No words can describe how one felt when one 1st heard these Dopplereffekt records.. TRUE electro (not electro house people!!!..) the real electro!!!!
The music coming out at this period was so fresh and in abudance. From Warp's "Autechre & RAC" to much later Hollands Clone recordsa rtists Cosmic Force & Dexter and many others to follow.. but for me.. Dopplereffekt took over where Krraftwerk left off, & "Plastiphilia" has all the right elements & humour, which fitted perfectly for this time..

08. Cybertron - Clear:

After Hearing Afrika Bambaataa Aasim's & Arthur Bakers "Planet Rock" for the first time back in theearly 80's was basically where my journey in electronic music started and from. Also listening to early UK pirate stations like "Radio Invicta", this was first time I started to hear tracks like Cybertron's "Clear" then when I went on to discover later that "Juan Atkins" was the man behind this release & also Detroit s famous Model 500, so it very was inspiring to know that from electro to techno the energy was still present in all Juan's releases.

09. Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop:

Kevin Saunderson made some of the deepest Detroit techno with attitude that no one else
was producing at the time and this track, "The Groove That Won't Stop", was being played all over the UK from the late 80's in all underground warehouse parties as well as the first illegal outdoor rave. I found out later the label responsible for releasing this track, KMS also released an early track of mine I did in Belgium (R&S) around late 88, which was featured on KMS014R The Sound (Power Remix).

10. Elektroids - Future Tone :

Another mysterious electro out fit from Detroit, I’m not gonna give out to much info on this except that Warp Records picked up on this & released their album, a long player filled with so much good electro music.. a true electronic GEM.

11. Hood & Mills - Real Life :

A time truly missed and passed, when techno was the sound that was in so much demand! You had to be there to see the reaction of clubber's loose it to this record. There were many times in Europe when I heard Jeff Mills play this the whole place would light up. Robert Hood & Jeff Mills also did a few other masterpieces all with the same energy and concept. This is H&M at their best..

12. Ron Trent - Altered States :

Ron Trent is a Chicago Legend still around today, made this Epic track back when Music had no boundaries, you would hear techno & house all in the same night.. Trent like so many other artists that came out of the windy city made historical hits, like Fingers Inc, Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley the list goes on. and now in the current music industry these classics are being covered like in Florence and the Machine's "You've got the Love" which was taken from Jamie principles "Your Love", Im sure "Altered states" will have the same commercial fate...

13. Eberhard Schoener & Sting - Why Don't you Answer :

I heard this for the 1st time at the height of Belgian "NEW BEAT" era at the famous "Boccaccio club".. what stood out for me was POLICE's "Sting" vocal under this "Eberhard Schoener" well produced track.. was one of my favourites at the time. I even made a cover of it that was released on Derrick May's "Fragile records" & was actually the 1st release FRG001.. Could this be Sting's only electronic gift to the techno geeks?!

14. Reese & Santonio - Back to the Beat :

Kevin Saunderson & Santonio Echols did this project together with a few other amazing releases under their belts like."The Sound" and the classic "Rock To The Beat" again we find her two producers well ahead of their time. I remember "The Sound" had some Influence on the New York scene when Tod Terry also used the same beat, but Reese & Antonio was for me, they experimented with techno more than house.

15. LFO - LFO :

Mark Bell and Gez Varley aka L.F.O. were there first to bring this music to the commercial masses and hitting the charts, I even remember seeing them performing on Top of the Pops! When the bass dropped on this tune. P.A. systems would rumble and shatter - a true moment that elevated the UK scene to the next level.

Get the Youtube playlist of The Advent's 15 most influential tracks by clicking here.

Wednesday 30th November

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