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20 May

fabric: get–traum – Traumer B2B Shonky, Alexis Cabrera (Live) Marlie + more

Room 1: get–traum
Traumer B2B Shonky
Alexis Cabrera (Live)

Room 2:
Tia Cousins

Skream makes his return on 20th May for the first time since summer 2021, this time he's front-and-centre in Room 2.

Meanwhile, Shonky and Traumer reunite for another big B2B in Room 1 for a get–traum takeover, the London leg of Traumer's 12-part European tour.

Tia Cousins who launched her explosive International Women's Day mix with us this March, is also back after a huge set this past NYD, Alexis Cabrera performs live and Marlie returns to round us off in Room 1.

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