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Where to start? You get sent a CD or digital download of the freshest underground music sent to your door, each and every month, from our fabric and FABRICLIVE series, before it hits the shops. Each time you visit our club, you'll receive priority entry, meaning you'll be busy raving whilst others are still queuing outside. Not only that - you'll get a discount on the door, meaning your membership fee could cover itself in one night at fabric!

It doesn't end there. You'll be treated to additional offers, including free entry to certain nights, as well as a discount on our entire back catalogue of CDs and those releases that have been digitised. You'll also be able to listen to sets recorded at fabric, which you won't find anywhere else! All that, for just £7 + p&p per month for a physical CD membership, or £5 per month for a digital download membership.
Hell yeah! You are family straight away. Simply click the button in the top left of this page and log in to your account, using the email address and password you signed up with. Your account overview page will appear, which has a virtual card number that you can use on the door whilst you are waiting for your fabricfirst card to arrive in the post. Just print the screen or the confirmation email you received when signing up, copy the virtual card number down or save it in your phone - and don't forget to bring photo ID any time you want to use your fabricfirst membership.
You can choose to subscribe to the full fabricfirst membership, or be pickier and go for fabric- or FABRICLIVE-only subscriptions. Your selection can be made when you sign up in the Account Type section of the form. If you ever wish to switch from your original selection get in touch and we?ll change you over to the account of your choice.

A fabricfirst membership is the full deal. It gets you your monthly mix, alternating between fabric and FABRICLIVE compilations. Your club door benefits extend to every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at fabric - bring it on! You get billed on the 1st of each month for your subscription.

A fabric-only membership is limited to our 'fabric' house and techno music events. You receive your download or CD every 2 months. Club door benefits are restricted to nights when 'fabric' related parties are on ie. Saturdays and Sundays and some bank holidays. You pay when you join and then every other month after that. Not bad.

A FABRICLIVE-only membership is the 'FABRICLIVE' drum & bass/electro/bass/dubstep/grime end of the fabric scene. You?ll get your download or CD every 2 months, only paying in these alternate months for your account. Club door benefits are restricted to nights when 'FABRICLIVE' related parties are held ie. Fridays, Sundays and some bank holidays. Alright.
An automated confirmation email should come through to your inbox right after you've joined fabricfirst. The email can get directed to your spam or junk mail folders so check there first before panicking. Remember the virtual card number that you use for priority entry at the club can always be found on your dashboard. Log into your newly created account on the fabric website to view the all-important number.
Orders will usually be dispatched on the next working day, after which we are at the mercy of the postal service. Although most items arrive within a few days, some can take longer, especially international destinations as they must clear customs etc. Please allow: UK - 10 days; Europe - 15 days; USA & everywhere else - 28 days.

Your monthly payment can take a few days to clear, so your monthly CD usually gets sent out between 4th-8th of the month, meaning that most months, UK members will receive their CD before it is available in the shops.
You'll always get your priority queuing and discount benefits at any Friday or Saturday night at fabric. For the majority of events, you'll be able to use these on the door straight away.

Note that fabricfirst membership isn't an automatic guarantee of entry. For example, if you arrive late at a sold-out night and we've already reached capacity, we couldn't let any more people in, even members. We'd then operate a one-in, one-out policy - but being in the fabricfirst priority queue you're still at an advantage.

During the week, we sometimes host events put on by external promoters. We'll always fight your corner and try and secure these benefits with these promoters, but it's occasionally not possible to do so.
You heard right! You can bring one guest into the queue with you - they will pay full price on the door and you will pay fabricfirst price.
Your initial payment is taken as soon as you sign up. Thereafter, you'll be charged on or around the first of each month.
Yes - you may not cancel your membership before you have made three payments. This is so that we can focus on giving the best possible service to long-term members, rather than those who wish to use the benefits for just one night.
If you sign up to digital fabricfirst before the 7th of the month you will have to sit tight for a few days till your first hi-res (320 kB/s MP3) fabric/FABRICLIVE album becomes available. Registering for a digital membership on or after the 7th of the month will mean you can download your first album from your member?s account page on the fabric website as soon as your account has been created. We will send your membership card to you the next working day after you sign up to fabricfirst.
We alternate between releasing a monthly fabric or FABRICLIVE mix so if you?ve chosen a fabric- or FABRICLIVE-only membership you may have to wait for the following month to receive your first compilation.
If you would like to change membership please contact cds@fabriclondon.com
To change back from a digital membership please contact the office, either by using the contact form to the right or by giving us a call, and we will be happy to change the account back.
Whether you are rejoining after a period of not being a member, or if your account has been suspended due to a payment failure, the way to get your membership back on track is the same.

Click the button in the top left of this page and log in to your account, using the email address and password you originally signed up with. First, ensure your card billing address and delivery address are up to date, before entering your current card details.
These are our super-low charges for packing and posting your monthly CD out to you:
UK destinations - £1
Europe - £1.50
Rest of World - £2
Easy! Click the fabricfirst login button in the top left of this page and log in to your account, using the email address and password you originally signed up with. You'll then be able to update all of your details.
Yes, you can. First of all, make sure you are not logged into your account. Then click 'Join' under the fabricfirst link on the website. You'll need to enter their details - name, email, telephone number and choose a password for them (they can change this when next they log into their account). At the billing address section fill out your address ? the one registered to your bank card. If your friend lives at a different address to you tick the box and enter their delivery address. As long as you?ve entered your friend?s email address the confirmation email will be sent to your friend. Note that you cannot sign your friend up to fabricfirst with the same email address as you.
Go ahead, break our hearts... OK, OK, we won't take it personally. Drop us an email titled 'cancel' to cds@fabriclondon.com, or call the fabricfirst secretary on +44 (0)20 7549 2273 (Monday to Friday, 11am-6pm). We'll aim to cancel your membership straight away (provided you have been a member for more than 3 consecutive months), but please be aware it can take up to 14 days, during which time another monthly payment may be taken.
Get in touch by email (please specify your query in the subject field) to cds@fabriclondon.com, or call the fabricfirst secretary on +44 (0)207 549 4190. The line is open Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm.

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