fabric XX

1999: the beginning of the story. 1,000 weekends and 3,000 events later, we’ve been lucky enough to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a series of mammoth parties at home and across the world. When we were planning out this year we quickly realised the sheer number of artists we’ve welcomed into our family is more than we could ever condense into one weekend.

Traditionally we’ve blown out the candles each year with an extended party towards the end of October, but for our 20th birthday, we’re taking the opportunity to expand our celebrations across the entire month. Kicking off the festivities this October, we invite a cast of rising stars we believe in alongside a group of friends who’ve been part of our story since the beginning – artists who represent our past, present and future.

Every artist is set to showcase their craft on our world-renowned sound systems, offering their individual piece to the rich electronic music tapestry that became our own sound world. This is the boldest statement we’ve made for the biggest milestone we’ve ever had.

We’re still here after two decades, and we’ll keep moving forward.

fabric. London EC1 since 1999: never not making noise.

Since 1999