fabric presents Kölsch

Kölsch curates the second edition in our new mix series. Comprised entirely of exclusive new material, fabric presents Kölsch is a ten-part story inspired by his own experience of flying between gigs. Drawing from the sonic world of travelling at 30,000 feet, Kölsch shares this highly personal journey as an ode to Room One. In his own words:

“I've been so lucky to play fabric all night long a few times. It is a very delicate affair, and one of the only places in the world that allows the artist to really play deep and work the system. I wanted the mix to be a raw emotional reflection of a night in Room One. In order to find that intimacy, I spent pretty much all my flights between shows immersing myself into sound. There’s a piece of fabric in all of them.”

fabric presents Kölsch - Out Now

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