The mix compilation series

Rotating monthly between fabric and FABRICLIVE DJs, the series showcases established and emerging names. Each DJ decides what to include in their mix. No DJ is restricted in what to play or how to play it. DJs are responsible for their own concepts.

The series is completely independent and entirely operated by Fabric. It reflects the values of the club and captures what is played inside it. The musical content of each compilation is our foremost priority. People are not expected to tell us what magazines they read, what websites they like, when they were born or who their favourite DJ is. There are no in-store signings, no telly ads, no badges or gimmicks. There will be something good to listen to. And something nice to keep it in.

"From fabric's launch onwards we encountered an almost daily assault from labels and organisations wishing to partner us in producing a mix compilation. Despite being continually, politely told that we were very busy becoming good party organisers, the crescendo of 'When will you do one? Why don't you do one? Please will you do one?' became deafening, eventually triggering my lifelong tendency to do the exact opposite of what was requested of me. So we just got a bit silly and thought: 'OK, you want one? Try to control this! Here's one a month.' We wanted them to fall from the sky like hailstones on the musical philistines that sought to twist what we were doing into any old shape that spelt numbers to them. I wanted to sell them at on our website, which I felt was indicative and reflective of how I saw the product; as licensed rave tapes." - Keith Reilly, fabric Founder.