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Akkord are Mancunian producers Ancestral Voices and Synkro "No one comes close to matching the strength of Akkord's razor-edged beats" is just one way of describing their sound. Loved by so many for their raster-noton precision electronic production here we have three fantastic slabs of wax all on 180 gram vinyl, debossed jacket outer cover with postcard insert. 

020 | Grey vinyl 180 gram

Akkord whey up on a brooding, bruising Akkord 12". They've eased off on the trickier elements in favour of focussing on sculpted, visceral sound designs done to powerful effect. The kerb-crawling half-tempo house pace and drizzly, sleazy atmosphere of 'Gravure' gives a brilliant opening for the collapsed 'ardcore structures of 'Continuum', splicing classic breaks and quasi-speed bass into a black void peopled by acephalic mentasms and iciest drones. By turns, 'Typeface' is more kinetic, distilling elements of techno, garage and D&B into a twitchy, rugged template with speaker-worrying subs, and 'Greyscale' returns to a stoic, de-glazed sound, seemingly trudging thru the rain in some red light district or semi-industrial zone. 

030 | Black vinyl 180 gram

Akkord's 'HTH020' 12" undergoes exceptional transformations at the hands of The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. It's arguably a pinnacle of the label's sustained attack since emerging in 2013, due in large part to The Haxan Cloak's shocking render of 'HTH020'. In the course of nearly eleven minutes, the original is hard-panned for gold, sweeping from stereo-strafing concrète dynamics into a staggering display of head-compressing delays and chest-bursting post-rock/metal dynamics over a series of concatenated peaks and noisy harmonic eruptions with an elastic sense of meter. For anyone bold enough to drop it in a club, expect folk to fall over or climb the stacks by its final climax. Conversely, Vatican Shadow's recombination and distillation of 'Typeface / Greyscale' is all about stealth and subtlety, positioned as a 5am ambient techno workout for the aerobic mystics. Big tip! 

040 | White Vinyl 180 gram

This 12" sees the welcome vinyl edition of remixes of Akkord's "Gravure/Continuum" from Fis and Regis. With the Mancunian duo possessing such a clinical take on rhythmic construction; it's always interesting to see how artists commissioned to remix Akkord choose to approach the task. Sometime Tri Angle artist Fis is on impeccable form twisting the track into paganistic string-laden ambience on his self-styled 'Hayfield To New Mills' version which brings to mind "Hashshashin Chant" era Demdike Stare. Downwards boss Regis goes for gravelly broken techno on his 'Whip Hand' mix though he channels similar levels of spectral foreboding to Fis in the underlying human groans set deep in the mix.

“An absolutely outstanding piece of work” ~ Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC 6 Music) on Haxan Cloak's rework

"Haxan Cloak remixed Akkord and it's one of the best things he's ever made" ~ Tri Angle Records Owner Robin Carolan

"For anyone bold enough to drop Haxan Cloak in a club, expect folk to fall over or climb the stacks by its final climax" ~ Boomkat

"All four guests turn in stellar tracks that go beyond the remit of a remix, which speaks to Houndstooth's curatorial prowess as well as the power of Akkord's original material" ~ Resident Advisor

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Physical release: 27th November


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