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Throwing Snow

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Bundle includes Embers, on high gloss double LP, as well as the 2014 Record Store Day release Mosaic VIPs 12" EP and 'Avarice. 12" EP which includes a Will Saul & Komon remix on the flip!

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Mosaic VIPs  (12" vinyl EP)

Three tracks from Throwing Snow’s full length LP Mosaic, remixed for Record Store Day. On this limited edition EP (340 for the UK and Ireland) his tracks have attained a catchy feel, geared towards opening sets or the last songs you listen to before you head out to the party. A must-have for the collectors!

Avarice  (12" Vinyl EP - 180 gram)

Featuring the lead cut from Throwing Snow's debut album, backed with a banging VIP and remix of 'Hypnotise' from Will Saul and Komon. The keening string discord and Reese bass of the original is beefed up with bulky Chi-house patterns in a shifty VIP version for the 'floor, as is the swooning 'As You Fall' featuring Py, while 'Hypnotise' is treated to a more rugged, subtly epic remix from Bristol's Will Saul & Komon.

Embers  (2xLP - High Gloss outer sleeve + insert)

Recorded in Daddry Shield, County Durham, sounds captured in the surrounding area became part of the music. Rain is transformed into white noise, at one point a melody line is mimicked by a starling - all the result of endless processes and cycles. The techniques used in creating ‘Embers’ allegorically mirror these processes. Reproducing the way materials are reused in the natural world; tracks are born, live and then die only to be reborn into a new form. All the tracks have similar counterparts whether in structure, dynamics or melodies. Arpeggios self-evolve and are interconnected, randomness introduced utilising two similar pairs of synthesizers so that their cycles are ever changing and naturally evolving. 

Roughly an hour long, the albums start and end appear the same allowing it to cycle endlessly - the vinyl edition has been created so that the listener can mix the album without breaks across two turntables. The album artwork itself is an interpretive score of the music, using another media to view the world from a different angle. 

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Physical release: 20th February


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