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Eris Drew - Reactiv-8
Eris Drew

'Reactiv-8' is Eris Drew’s composition for fabric presents Octo Octa & Eris Drew. It comes towards the end of the compilation which erupts with joy just before closing out. Written over the course of the summer after a date with Maya (Octo Octa), the track led her to write and record her own lyrics for the first time due to an initial sampling issue. “I was like, okay, ‘I’m going to sing this chipper little tune because I was in the worst human mood possible, I thought everything in my life was ending,” she says, referring to how the song first came to fruition during an overwhelming and anxious period of time.


"I wrote 'Reactiv-8' to try to heal, it’s medicine - I needed to really have to confront the fact there were things I didn’t want to end and own it." Eris Drew

This page is for a single track download from the compilation. For the CD/vinyl formats please click here.

Release date of the CD and vinyl is 27th November 2020.

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Physical release: 14th October


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