fabricfirst T&Cs

1. fabricfirst member benefits

  • CD subscribers - One fabric/FABRICLIVE CD per monthly payment
  • Digital subscribers - One fabric/FABRICLIVE download per monthly payment. Please note that if you’ve signed up for a fabric or FABRICLIVE only digital membership, and because we alternate between releasing a monthly fabric or FABRICLIVE mix, you may have to wait for the following month to receive your first download.
  • Membership card when you first join
  • £8 off the door entry price on Friday and Saturday nights, with reduced price entry at most other events at fabric
  • Free CD picked at random from the fabric/FABRICLIVE series when you first join (pay-monthly CD subscribers only)
  • Discount on CDs, digital releases, vinyl and other merch from the fabric and Houndstooth labels’ back catalogues
  • Priority entry at any Friday or Saturday event at fabric
  • Priority entry and discount at most other events at fabric (please check website for individual event details)
  • Ability to bring a full-paying guest into the priority line with you
  • Access to exclusive audio and video on the fabric website
  • Further discounts and offers
  • Monthly e-mail newsletter

2. Membership terms

  • A fabricfirst membership is the full membership getting you club door benefits on Friday and Saturday nights, and CD/download every month. A FABRICLIVE-only membership offers privileges on Friday nights only and some bank holidays, with a free CD/download every other month. The fabric-only membership is the Saturday night option, and includes club door benefits on Saturdays and some bank holidays with a free CD/download every other month.
  • The minimum term for membership is 3 months (fabricfirst) or 3 payments (fabric- and FABRICLIVE-only). Any cancellation request before this time will not be fulfilled.
  • The membership card will be sent out upon first joining. Until it arrives, members may use the virtual card number, which may be found by logging onto their account on www.fabriclondon.com. Photo ID needs to be shown when using the virtual card number.
  • Members will be asked to prove that they are the cardholder when attending events at fabric. It is recommended that members bring photo ID.
  • fabric will aim to send monthly CDs to arrive with UK members before the general release date, provided their payment is processed on the 1st of the month. However, this cannot always be guaranteed.
  • CD subscribers: your free CD will be sent out upon first joining.
  • Digital subscribers: your hi-res (320 kB/s MP3) fabric/FABRICLIVE album will be available to download from the members account page on the fabric website on the 7th of the month, provided payment has been successfully processed. You will be able to download each album a maximum of two times.
  • Memberships will be automatically put into suspension should the member's monthly payment fail for any reason. The member will not receive any of their benefits whilst their account is suspended. Memberships can easily be brought out of suspension at any time by logging into the website and entering up-to-date billing details.
  • fabric will aim to cancel membership as soon as a valid request is received. It may take up to 14 days to process the cancellation, during which time another monthly payment may be taken.
  • If a valid request for cancellation has not been received and your payment fails on the 1st of the month, fabric reserves the right to retry processing payment at any point during that month and in any subsequent months until a cancellation is received.
  • Upon cancellation, the membership will be put into suspension, so the member can continue to login to the account and restart the membership if desired.
  • Contact cds@fabriclondon.com or telephone +44 207 549 2273 to cancel your account or request information on suspending your account for a time.
  • In the event of it being impossible to release a CD/digital download in a given month, fabric will not process a charge for that month's membership at that time. All other member benefits will remain active during that period. Following such a period, fabric reserves the right to process the charge for that month's membership and distribute the related CD/digital download at a later date. Members will be informed by email in such an eventuality.
  • The fabric first membership is non-transferable. fabric reserves the right to confiscate the card if anyone other than the member is found using it.
  • If your card is confiscated, we cannot send it back to you until your account is reactivated.

3.Gift membership and upfront 6 or 12 month memberships.

  • The membership card will be sent out upon first joining. Until it arrives, members may use the virtual card number, which may be found by logging onto their account on www.fabriclondon.com.
  • The first CD/digital download that the recipient will be sent/made available on their fabric account will be that released in the calendar month following the purchase of the membership.
  • No free random CD (as per regular CD membership) is included in the gift membership. Instead, the recipient will receive 12 for the price of 11 (12 month membership).
  • Membership and all benefits will expire exactly 6/12 months after the purchase date.

4. Rejoining fabricfirst

  • Members may rejoin fabricfirst at any time.
  • Rejoining members will have their regular benefits reinstated immediately upon rejoining (monthly CD/digital download, discounts and priority entry at the venue, discount on back catalogue CDs/digital downloads, access to exclusive audio & video, further discounts and offers)
  • Rejoining members are not entitled to receive a free random CD
  • Rejoining members will not be issued with a new membership card. The card they held during their previous period of membership will be revalidated. A replacement membership card can be issued at a cost of £3 if necessary
  • CD subscribers who miss a payment in any full calendar month, for any reason, will be charged new members' rates of £7 + P&P upon rejoining fabricfirst.

5. Returns and replacements

  • fabric will replace malfunctioning or faulty products.
  • fabric will refund or replace products purchased in error. Such products must be returned unopened, in their original packaging.
  • Refunds or replacements will not be offered for unwanted items.
  • If a monthly CD does not arrive within one month of the general release date (for example if it goes missing in the post), fabric will resend a replacement, provided that the member's delivery address is up to date on their account at the original time of sending.
  • fabric will not send a replacement CD if the delivery address is not up to date on their account at the original time of sending.
  • fabric will send a replacement CD a maximum of one time per title.
  • If both available digital downloads per release title fail fabric will at its own discretion decide whether or not to allow further downloads for that title to be made available. Members are required to contact fabric at cds@fabriclondon.com should this occur.
  • Replacements and refunds will not be issued if the enquiry is made more than 6 months after the purchase or payment.
  • The address for returns is fabricfirst, 12 Greenhill Rents, London EC1M 6BN, United Kingdom. Include a covering letter with your name, address, clearly stating the reason for return. If this is not included, fabric may be unable to replace or refund your product.