5 Minutes with SCNTST & 33 Mins With his FABRICLIVE x Kill Em All Mix

Whether you use twitter to communicate your position, repeatedly boast about achievements or post pictures of your lunch, you can’t deny its power as a social network. Amongst its successes since it came to worldwide prevalence, it was a defining tool for SCNTST, a young German producer, who ended up signing with Boys Noize after a mate of his answered an open call for new talent on twitter by posting a link to his soundcloud profile. Having already released the four track Monday EP through the label, it’s quite just that it’s via twitter that SCNTST’s advanced techno has been receiving the kind of props he needs to reach their respective wider audiences - other people’s recommendations can go a long way when you factor in the echo chamber properties of twitter and the internet in general.

That’s part of the reason we booked him to come and play alongside Telepathe and Pangaea at the next Kill Em All Room Two takeover on the 21st September, but SCNTST seems bewilderingly able to back up the hype with his own slew of unrelenting techno. Considering he was only born in 1993 and got his musical education playing drums in his Dad’s band and performing in musicals, you can start to understand why he’s got jaws aflutter, but as always, the proof is in the tasting so we asked him to put together a short mix that we would show the internet exactly what how he do. This is what he delivered.

Download: SCNTST - FABRICLIVE x Kill Em All Mix

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We hear you had some unconventional – for a techno producer – early activities in music (playing your dad’s band, musicals etc). How did they affect the way you approach your music do you think?
I think it helped me to understand the harmony and things of music… also the rhythm feeling.

You’re self-taught, in terms of production right? What made you want to pick up the computer and start making techno?
There was a movie I watched some time ago called Berlin Calling, where Paul Kalkbrenner was making some tracks on Ableton and fooling around on a midi keyboard, I wanted to do the same thing because I thought it was cool.

Did you find it hard not having any tuition?
Not really, I guess if I would have watched any tutorials it would have influenced my style and I didn’t want that.

Your bio states you only went to a club one time and you hated it. What was your experience like?
Just a really shitty club for teens, stupid people, and DJs who think they’ve made it playing the same tracks all the time…

Do you think you’ll change your mind about night clubs?
I already did, when I went to Berghain with my good homies Szymon (Audionite), Max (Kobosil) and Julian… best club experience ever, haha.

How did you hook up with Boyz Noize?
A friend of mine hooked me up with him through twitter, he just sent him my soundcloud page (Boys Noize twittered that he was looking for some German producers) and I immediately got a mail from him. So I was kinda lucky…

What can we expect from you in the near future?
Some more projects, more music, an EP coming out soon on BNR, an album coming next year… lots of things!

Tell us a bit about the mix you made for us…
I just put all my favourite records at the moment in it, also a new track of myself and some stuff from my good friends Audionite and Kobosil. This is what you can expect when I play ar fabric in a couple weeks! I can’t wait to play there, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it!

Catch SCNTST headlining Room Two for Kill Em All on 21st September.

Friday 21st September

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