If it's unwanted, it's harassment.

Speak up. See something? Say something.

At fabric we are continuously striving to create a safer and more open space for club goers and employees as well as to further the platforming of minority and under-represented artists.   

We operate a zero tolerance policy to racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination whatsoever, and all of our events operate under our Safer Space Policy.  Our staff are trained to help create an LGBTQ+, NB, POC & Disabled friendly environment and we are continuously striving to improve our efforts and policies in this direction.  fabric is not a place to come to if you are ‘on the pull’. If you do come in and you are approaching multiple people, you are going to attract the attention of our security, who have been instructed to stop this kind of behaviour.   

fabric is London's home for underground music, and it is our aim to create a feeling of freedom and self-expression on the dance-floor. If someone is busy dancing, leave them be -- do not touch, disturb or attempt to 'chat up' a fellow raver.  We are asking for all of our community to help improve our space; if you see behaviour that has no place on the dance floor, please tell us. You can spot our staff wearing recognisable red arm bands. We will deal with it and remove offending individuals from our club. We adopt a policy of “always believe the report” in cases of harassment and feeling unsafe.

This means that should we receive any report of behaviour that has made someone feel uncomfortable, the reported individual will be asked to leave.

We do this to make everyone feel comfortable in our venue and to ensure people feel comfortable approaching staff if anything has made them uncomfortable. 

Simply put: 

- Be respectful 
- Enjoy the moment  
- Look after your friends 
- Do not disturb people on the dance floor (or elsewhere at the club); don’t stare or follow
- If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable, or if you see anyone making other people feel uncomfortable, let us know and we will deal with it
- and, no cameras on the dance floor    

Your feedback and support are always welcome. Please reach out to us at info@fabriclondon.com

For further info, here is a list of organisations that helped in shaping our policy:

Me too - https://www.metoo-music.com/
Good night out - https://www.goodnightoutcampaign.org/
White Ribbon - whiteribbon.org.uk
The Loop - https://wearetheloop.org