5 Things We Love About Zip

1. He doesn’t have anything to prove.

The Perlon website has been a holding page for what seems like years now. There’s no social media presence for the label, no digital release and he doesn’t do interviews. All you get is the music if you care enough to look for it – an approach that’s more than refreshing in today’s always in your face mode of promotion behaviour.

2. He can keep up the pace with anyone - including Villalobos.

Since Zip and Villalobos formed a partnership, with Zip releasing Ricardo’s music on the label the two have been professional and personal partners so it’s kind of predictable that when it comes to the Get Perlonized events, which are housed at Panoramabar and span over 12 hours, they feature Zip representing for time spans that match his Chilean friend’s infamous capacity for extended sets.

3. He’s inspired the best.

This point links back to our number 1 – no interviews - not even when he released fabric mix with us. So we took it upon us to put together our own picture of Zip where a whole host of artists jumped at the chance to enthuse about how the Dimbiman has influenced their own paths.

You can read back through what the likes of Craig Richards, Akufen and San Proper had to say here: http://www.fabriclondon.com/zip

4. He made Perlon.

Perlon holds a truly cult status. It doesn’t thrust its message down people’s throats, it opts for style and substance over hype and pushing instead. The artwork, led by Double Standards, has always been consistently impressive and over the years has become iconic. It also homes so many of the artists that we hold closely to our hearts and people’s whose work can regularly be heard being transmitted on our Martin Audio rig.

5. His smile.


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