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Robin Leclair AKA Naibu has been creating some buzz amongst D&B tastemakers for a couple of years now. He first came to our attention in late '07 when his and Loxy's dubplate 'Hajime' was doing the rounds; this beat-light, bass-heavy monster marked out Naibu as a producer capable of thinking waaay outside the box. The track was picked up by Critical, and since our first taste of his sound, he's gone on to release some amazing music on Soul:R, Creative Source and Horizons amongst many others. We catch up with this hugely promising young Parisian before his set supporting Goldie, Friction, Shy FX, Spectrasoul and DJ Lee in Room Two on Friday, 24th July.

How did you get the name Naibu?
That would be too long to explain! I can tell you though that naibu means 'inside' in Japanese.

This is your first time playing at fabric. Do you get nervous before you play and do you have any pre-set rituals?
I do get excited before I play, I just make sure I've got the right tunes in the bag and try not to drink too much before I play.

Describe your ethos behind the decks…
I'm all about playing across the board, and also try and blend in a fair amount of older tunes in the mix, things people tend to have forgotten about, stuff that you don't hear out much these days. I like diversity, if a tune moves me I'll play it, whatever niche genre it is.

What would you recommend to DJs and producers starting out in drum n bass at the moment?
I'm not really the one to recommend stuff to people but I'd say keep an open ear for music outside of dnb, get inspired, expand your horizons.

How does the scene in Paris compare to London and the rest of the UK?
People in the UK are spoiled, you get all the best artists every week, it's where it's at. Paris seems much more quiet in comparison and it lacks the diversity you have in the UK as far as guests are concerned, some people here are working on it though, trying to fix that.

What’s the next big goal in your life right now?
I need to pass my driver's license, that would be big.

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