A Guy Called Gerald presents a Snapshot of his Live Set Exclusively for the fabric blog

Part of the current discussion going on in contemporary production circles is about what sets one track, or one artist, apart from the other in this modern age of music making, brought to the masses by the bedroom studio. This discussion is not as simple as a hardware vs. software or analogue vs. digital debate, it’s about being new and original, exactly what is required to put the magic into music – for perhaps the most vital element music must have is soul; without soul there’s no feeling.

It’s a trait and fundamental in the music of A Guy Called Gerald (yes the man behind house music’s earliest incarnation ‘Voodoo Ray’ but we’re not talking about that today). His having that special something brings you music with feeling, a direct deep sound that channels soul through his 100% live sets. When he says live he means live: “it's not a DJ set - there are no mp3s - no wavs - no aiffs - no preset sounds - you are hearing a fluid freestyle mixdown of my own music and my own individual takes on classics referencing the past - direct at 96kz - the exact quality and set up I use to write and record in my studio.”

And this is what he’s shared with us today, a snapshot of his upcoming live set this Saturday in Room One; a set of deep house grooves built on over 20 years of passion and innovation in dance music.

Stream: A Guy Called Gerald - 2011 Live Snapshot for fabric


Saturday 14th May

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