A Quick Chat with Bad Cop Bad Cop's Lopazz (+ his fabric Promo Mix)

Whilst variety may well be the spice of life, sometimes it’s hard to accept how artists can cross over genres and work between styles. You can forget that with a lifetime of travel, record collecting, extended hours listening sessions and a whole load of friends they’ve met along the way for inspiration artists have way more than just one influence to draw from.

Moving between the cool and smooth tones of Get Physical and Cocoon’s ilk and with a fully stocked studio, Lopazz’s meeting with Alex Cortex as Bad Cop Bad Cop has resulted in a sound that goes back to the rawness of 90’s techno, revising their early years working together as part of the HD800 crew. Since Cortex and Lopazz’s union became official, they’ve released on Berlin’s Killekill and the international Pomelo Records who will be unveiling the duo’s debut album later this year. This Saturday the pair have promised to deliver a live techno set with “a good bit of psychedelic madness” in Room Two and as an insight into their sonic discourse for the evening, Lopazz has prepared 30 minutes of mixed music and made time for a quick chat with us.

DOWNLOAD: Bad Cop Bad Cop fabric Promo Mix

Can you tell us the tale of how you got together with Alex Cortex as Bad Cop Bad Cop?
Alex and i met for the first time in 1996, he has been part of our HD800 crew, resident at the club, artist on 800trak and we started to work at my studios in 2001.

Why 2 bad cops, what happened to the good one?

Ha, that´s the point. It´s a mean thing with the Good Cops, believe me....

There’s a definite change of tone between your Cocoon and Get Physical releases as you listen to Bad Cop Bad Cop - is it important to you to have diversity in your production?
Yes, diversity is very important to me. I listen to all kinds of music from rock to pop and i play the guitar, drums, etc. That´s one of the reasons why Alex and I have been working together for so many years, our music collection is pretty eclectic, from speed-metal to ambient, from country to rap, from jazz to reggae, lots of experimental stuff... anything, really.

Your mastering studio is mightily equipped - what’s on your want list in a dream world?
I need a new mixing-assistant - gear is nice - but i prefer humans, it´s really hard to find the right assistant!

We’ve been lucky enough to have 2 releases from Bad Cop Bad Cop so far this year, what else do you have planned?
Our debut album! it's due out on November on Pomelo Records

Does this mean Bad Cop Bad Cop is going to become your primary project? Or are you also working on some new Lopazz material?
I´ve produced DJ T.´s latest album with Thomas at my studios, i produce TV-Music and I run a publishing company, so I’m always working on a few things at once. A new LOPAZZ album with Casio Casino will be out in 2012.

With your experience as a producer, engineer, DJ and also live performer - what advice would you give to someone getting started out in electronic music?
Don't concentrate on hits and success - make music because you feel it - if you want to get famous, do something else.

And finally, what can we expect from your live show when you come to London? We have been told to get prepared for something special..
A wide range of tempo and a good bit of psychedelic madness.

Bad Cop Bad Cop will be performing live in this Saturday, joining Tim Green and Terry Francis in Room Two. For the full line up and to buy tickets click here.

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