A Quick Chat With...Jaymo & Andy George and their February Mixtape

Jaymo and Andy George are back in Farringdon on the first Friday of March and they’re bringing their super sized party brand Moda with them after the monumental success of their Room Two takeover last year. Since beginning their Moda parties in home town of Lincoln to crowds of just 300, the duo are now accomplished at rising to any party occasion whether that be 1,500 raver strong warehouse parties or curating the beat drop of Ibiza’s Wonderland; they’ve transported their passion for party making to take on our Room Two rig.

Ahead of the next Moda happening we chat to the duo about their line up choices, handpicked to compliment the heavy tones of Jack Beat Love’s Room One alongside the latest sounds that are shaping their world in the form of their February Mixtape which you can download below. Tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Jaymo & Andy George's February Mixtape

What’s been going on for you since we last spoke? You been busy?
Yeah, it's been a crazy start to the year. We've put on a massive Moda warehouse party for 1500 people, which was allot of work but one of the best to date. We've also just finished a new studio set-up, which means getting totally back on the beats. The next J&AG EP is pretty much ready to roll, and we've lots more music in the can to follow soon after!

Your coming back on the 2nd March. Can you tell us why you’ve chosen the people you have for the next Moda party? Take us through the line up...
Given Room One is gonna be a pretty heavy affair, we wanted to throw in a little contrast. T Williams will be making his Moda debut; we're big fans of his productions (and his Rinse show) so it was only a matter of time before we got him to one of our parties. We've also invited the Sound Pellegrino crew. Like their label, Teki & Orgasmic are brilliantly diverse DJs and can really switch things up in ways you wouldn't expect. That will lead on to us doing our thing, before passing the baton to Doorly, who will inevitably be dishing out bass by the truck load, and then our very own Tom Staar! Basically, the line-up is all about flow; we're big believers that music and vibes should start deeper and build throughout the night and we like our parties to always stick to that ideal.

You’ve made another mix for us, to mark the occasion. Tell us about that...
It's really a snapshot of what we do and what we're into. It's hard to really pin it down to one genre or style, other than underground electronic music that will hopefully get your body moving!

What’s coming up for you in the spring/summer?
Aside from the EP we're currently working on a new compilation CD (and a tour to tie in with it) on our record label, which will showcase allot of the names we're pushing and shouting about all the time. We're also about to launch a new department of the Moda record label, which will come with some pretty amazing new signings. And, of course, we'll be back in Ibiza this summer and heavy on the festival season once again. We can safely say we're ready for some serious vitamin D!

Catz & Dogz - Mass Confusion
Jesse Perez - Jesse Don't Sport No Jerri Curl
Tom Flynn - Jerrys Liqour Store
Dusky - Flo Jam
Prince Club & Poupon - Platinum
Behling - Last Chance
Storm Queen - Look Right Through You (Art Department Remix)
Dupree - Brass Disc (Eats Everything Remix)
Skwerl - You Need To Dance
Daniel Diamond - Champu
Christian Martin - Waiting
Jaymo & Andy George - Inhaler (Worth West Coast Bass Remix)
Djedjotronic - Walk With Me

Friday 2nd March

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