A Quick Chat With...Radio Slave + Win Copies of His New Sample Magic Pack

One of our favourite of the albums of the year so far has to be the debut compendium of heartfelt electronics from Russia’s Nina Kraviz. She was helped along her journey by some remarkable institutions and talents starting with RMBA, then Underground Quality’s Jus-Ed with Radio Slave, aka Matt Edwards, steering and supporting her development to the point of her critically acclaimed album.

Edwards really is one of those multi layered talents, regarded as being one of those special artists who’s really honed and tweaked his own unique sound - in his case: one filled with dark atmospherics. As well as fostering creativity on his Rekids label, his reputation as a DJ and producer has its own esteemed place in our electronic music heritage – his own tracks ‘Bell Clap Dance’ and ‘Grindhouse’ have a kind of critical acclaim all of their own – so it’s no surprise Sample Magic have turned to him to share his sonic palette with the production community at large in their latest sample pack filled of Edwards’ Berlin born concoctions.

For your money you get synth loops, drum hits + loops and FX to build into your own productions and we’ve been offered three copies of the sample pack to give away on the blog with the 1st prize winner also gaining a copy of The Secrets of House Music Production book ahead of the Rekids boss’ next visit to Room One this Saturday.

Competition is now closed

Q: What is the name of Radio Slave’s label?

Winners will be notified by email.
We also got to speak to the technological auteur to catch up on his year so far, looking back at the label’s achievements and those projects he’s got planned for the remainder of 2012.

What have been the most significant three things you’ve achieved so far this year?
Regarding the label...I guess releasing Nina's LP was pretty significant. A lot of time and a huge amount of energy was spent from everyone involved in this record and I'm really proud to see Nina doing so well and having such a successful year.

With DJ'ing, this year has been full of surprises and some of the best gigs of life. From doing 6 hour sets in the Pyramid at Cocorico to finally playing at the Movement festival in Detroit and of course I get really excited every time I get to play in Room One of fabric. I'm not sure how many times I've played in that room but it's just a pleasure to listen to music on the system !

Also I finally released my sample pack via sample magic. This was a big project that I finished earlier in the year and it's been really rewarding as I now have a huge library of sounds for myself as well as being able to share it with others.

What’ve been your favourite new musical discoveries this year?
Well, James Masters and I are working with some super hot new talents but I can't give away too much yet! And as for records...Finally going to Submerge in Detroit this year was very enlightening. They have a crazy selection of new music in that store from Detroit punk funk, electro to the freshest house that you can only find in the store and I was also super lucky to receive some very special white labels from Mad Mike Banks.

What are the three things you’re most looking forward to over the 6 months we’ve got left?
The summer if it ever comes , the remix LP from my Machine project which is due in the autumn and finally getting back in the studio. It's great to travel and I'm extremely privileged to spend so much time on the road playing but it means less time at home and less time with the machines in the studio.

And I need to make music and be creative. Without this I'm lost!

What’s your favourite way to escape and refresh once the intense summer season closes?

Spend time at home and cooking for family and friends. As much as I love clubs and night life I also cherish the time I can spend with my friends eating and doing stuff like skateboarding, playing ping pong and gardening.

What can we look forward to hearing from you and Rekids release wise next?
I'm in the process of working on my next release for Running Back and I'll also be releasing a new 12" through Rekids very soon. With Rekids we have so much great new material and albums to come from Mr G, a Vince Watson LP on Pyramids of Mars and more remixes from Nina's LP and actually this week see's the release of the Quiet Village remix LP and also Miss Kraviz single "Aus" with some rather stunning remixes.

Saturday 30th June

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