A Quick Chat with Tensnake (& Win a Ltd Edition Live+ Boxset)

Hamburg's Marco Niemerski is a man on a mission, with remixes of Hercules & Love Affair and Little Dragon doing the rounds he's taking his live show around the globe, including a stop here, in Room One tomorrow night alongside Terry Francis and Gerd Jansen. We quickly caught up with him to present his 'TRAVELS' mix for Oki-ni and get his thoughts on playing live when he kindly offered us a signed edition of his exclusive 'Live+ Boxset' to give away, so drop us an email before doors open on Saturday with 'Tensnake Me' in the title and one lucky winner will be notified early next week.

Stream: Tensnake - TRAVELS Mix for Oki-ni

This Saturday you will be performing a live set, do you prefer live sets to DJing?
Although I do enjoy making mixes, I have only ever really DJed on a couple of occasions outside of my house! Playing live is the way I want people to hear my music and I really do enjoy the energy and feedback in the club. I've always had a great time playing live at fabric too - good crowds and always memorable.

So are your fans going to hear any unreleased, fresh Tensnake material at fabric on Saturday?
I am updating my live set all the time - and yes there will be some new material in there and some songs I've gone back to. Keeping it fresh is important. Also listen out for a couple of special Tensnake edits of classic, you could say Balearic, tracks.

Also who are you looking forward to see performing on Saturday?
Well, my friend and musical brother Gerd Janson from the Running Back label is also playing. Some of my earliest tracks were signed to his label so I'm looking forward to what he has to play and say.

What are you working on right now?
The good news is I've started work on my album and there will be one super special remix to come before the end of the year. I can't say yet but it's probably the biggest thing I've worked on to date.

Where's the strangest place you've heard your breakout hit, 'Coma Cat'?
I would say either in the H & M store... or in the gym!

Catch Tensnake in Room One this Saturday.

Saturday 27th August

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