Adana Twins share an airy techno mix

Adana Twins is the joint alias of Benjamin Busse and Friso Traas. Over the course of the last decade the Hamburg duo have made a name for their melody-happy house records, releasing on labels like JEUDI, Exploited and Watergate. The pair have been particularly closely linked with the Berlin institution – last year they put out the 25th edition in the club’s esteemed mix series, celebrating with a tour spanning across Mexico and Europe. Most recently the pair have been champions for the kind of airy techno fare first popularised by artists like Tale Of Us, a sound that defines their fledgling label, TAU. They explore the same style on their mix for us, dropping in time for their debut at Forms this coming Friday.

Download: Adana Twins Forms Promo Mix

Is there a theme to the mix?

The mix is supposed to give a bit of a taste of what’s to expect from our set at fabric. We hope it will get you in the right mood!

Where did you source the records from?

It's comprised of lots of different material; some tracks from artists we're friends with, but also unreleased tracks from our label TAU.

This will be your debut with us, what are you expecting from visiting?

We can't wait! Room One at fabric – it doesn't get much better than that!

Finally is there anything exciting you’re up to this year that you can let us in on?

Next month we’re releasing our first Spektrum 1 'mini'-compilation on TAU including tracks from Innellea, Santiago Garcia, Daniel Bortz, ourselves, and some other artists. Besides that, we're also working on a big EP release and a few remixes.

Friday 15th March

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