Alan Fitzpatrick dives deep into modern rave

Next weekend, Alan Fitzpatrick returns to our hallowed Room Two space for an extended four-hour set. Widely known as a titan of modern techno, the UK artist has been heralded one of the most successful and influential artists of the electronic music scene in recent years, not least after he dropped the inescapable bomb We Do What We Want via his We Are The Brave label. A seasoned regular with us, he released the acclaimed fabric 87 album in our series, and has put out material on powerhouse labels like Figure, Bedrock and Drumcode. His unique style can be easily identified with his trademark heavy-funk grooves, hard bass and techno dynamics mixed with jungle beats geared towards moving bodies on the dancefloor. Ahead of gracing EC1 next weekend, he put together a mix of the kind of stuff he’ll be packing for the night, something he described in his own words as a deep dive into the sound of “modern rave”.

Download: Alan Fitzpatrick fabric Promo Mix


Space Trax – Atomic Playboy
Laurent Garnier & Chambray – Feelin’ Good
LFO – Track 4 (Radek Edit)
Marquis Hawks & DJ Haus – Let The Rhythm Set You Free
The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Seduction (Shadow Child Remix)
Special Request – Fahrenheit 451
Ejeca – Gilboa
Kicks Like A Mule – The Bouncer (Mark Broom Edit)
Special Request – Ardkore Dolphin
Raito – Summer Of Love (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Spec X – Don’t Do XTC Anymore (2000 And One Remix)
Locked Groove – From Beyond (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

How does this mix differ from other mixes you’ve recorded?

I always like to think outside the box when it comes to my fabric mixes. I’ve got my own weekly We Are The Brave Radio show so I put a lot of my studio mixes and recorded sets on there. It’s good to mix things up a bit, and I think fabric listeners and punters are an open-minded crowd who appreciate some different stuff from me. For this mix, I’ve gone for a bit of a more modern rave influence.

How has fabric influenced your mix?

fabric is one of my favourite UK clubs. There’s just something special about the club, I always like to challenge myself creatively when I’m doing anything for fabric, whether it’s a mix, LP or one of my four or five hour sets. I’ve been listening to the latest Special Request LPs on the Houndstooth imprint recently, and they’ve definitely inspired me. There’s nobody smashing the rave revival vibe quite like Woolie [Paul Woolford].

What do you think differentiates fabric from other clubs?

Everything. fabric is an institution. I don’t think you can really do it any justice by verbally describing the club, it’s one of those venues where you’ve got to go along and experience it for yourself.

What do you usually start with when preparing a set?

I’m not big into preparation, I like to make sure my sets are as fresh as possible and always try to gauge the crowd and vibe off them. Typically I’ll test a lot of new demos and promos I’ve been sent, and also try to test run some upcoming releases on my record label, as well as my own productions.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

To be honest I don’t really have one. Well, no-one comes to mind anyway. I try to stay focused on myself and put a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being prepared for whatever life throws at me.

Where do you think electronic music is headed a couple of years from now?

I think we should all just enjoy the ride. Stop analysing and over analysing and worrying about the future and focus on the now. To quote the infamous Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around a while, you could miss it.” Or something like that. Wherever the dance music scene is headed, I’m happy to be a part of it.

What are you most looking forward to for your Room Two set at fabric next month?

I love playing on that soundsystem, and I always cause absolute carnage when I’m in Room Two. I’m looking forward to hanging with the We Are The Brave and fabric crews. It’ll actually be my third gig of the day – an ideal gig to finish off a busy weekend.

Saturday 13th July

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