Alexi Delano fabric Promo Mix

Stepping straight into our club on Saturday, following an extensive tour of one of his most dedicated crowds in South America, Alexi Delano is getting us pumped with his fresh mix showcasing his multi-faceted minimal come jump up techno. With homes on Plus 8 as well as H-Productions, Alexi’s style is sharp and slick and shows no fear when it comes to bouncing between house and techno grooves.

Born in Chile but raised alongside fellow Swedes Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch there’s no denying the geographical influence in him. The resilient party soul of the South Americas is combined with the dark edge that’s come to be associated with Sweden and our host label for Room Two this Saturday - H-Productions. Get ready to move!

DOWNLOAD: Alexi Delano fabric Promo Mix


Wednesday 30th November

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