Anna Wall & Thoma Bulwer WYS! Promo Mix

There’s a striking affinity tying Anna Wall and Thoma Bulwer, the two London DJs and guests at this week’s WetYourSelf! They’ve both been heavily active in London blending house, techno and garage across countless sound systems for a number of years, often as a duo playing back-to-back on the same bill. This relationship extends to the studio too, where they frequently get together to collaborate and have signed each other’s music to their respective labels.

They're also both active in music outside of DJing and making records – Bulwer works as a mastering engineer and tutor at Point Blank Music School, while Wall is a communications expert and regular contributor to sites like DJ Mag. The pair’s close relationship naturally makes them an unstoppable force when they join behind the decks. They showed us this in their high-charged deep house mix for this Sunday, giving an idea of the style they’ll be bringing to close out the weekend.

Download: Anna Wall & Thoma Bulwer WYS! Promo Mix


Sunday 13th May

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